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Thursday, March 25, 2010

8 March 2010 journal page

I used Jane and Jeane's stencils on this page. I used a Copic Marker to outline the edges in black. Then I used my Stabilo Woody Crayon Pencils to color them in. I blended and 'smooshed' the crayon pencil in with an old rag. Then I let it dry and used a gold sakura gel pen on top. I wrote using a Sharpie water based white extra fine poster paint pen.

If you're interested in taking my pen class this Saturday in Santa Monica, please contact the store asap to sign up!

Blog Love:
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Films Watched:
Written On The Wind
The Tarnished Angels

"So the Republicans lost. But the problem is that the Democrats won--and in this case, that means the passage of a piece of legislation that will do more harm than good for most people in the U.S." Some info on the newly passed health insurance bill (note how I do not call it a health care bill, because that is not what it is)

"Our job as citizens is to honestly assess what Obama is doing. Not measured just against Bush, because against Bush, everybody looks good. But look honestly at what Obama's doing and act as engaged and vigorous citizens." Howard Zinn


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you called it a health insurance package ... no, it isn't a health CARE package. So many people seem to not see the difference.

T and J said...

Thanks for the links.
I love Elizabeth Bunsen's style of journals.

And thanks for getting me hooked on Joy The Baker's blog *drools*

crimsoncat05 said...

ooh, you're making me want to go thru my (very small) collection of Rock Hudson movies. ...do you get your movies on Netflix?? if so, do you think they have a good collection of classic titles? love the journal page with the stencils, too!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

No, we don't use netflix. We bought a Douglas Sirk DVD boxset used for $20 that has 7 films on it. For rentals, we go through our local video store, Rocket on La Brea. It's an amazing store!!! They have EVERYTHING!

Sandy said...

Great use of the stencils on your page. It looks great.

I too do not agree with the heath reform bill. I'm not sure if people realize what the outcome of this is going to be when it all comes into play. Anyone can make something seem great in the beginning with words. You have to read the fine print to truly get it.

Great links. I love these blogs.

Barbara Hagerty said...

"What the hell does too artsy mean?" It means that Target hasn't got a clue, and screwed itself out of something wonderful! ;)

lee said...

Do you have an online class going at the moment or soon?

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Lee,
My "A Life Made By Hand" class is going on right now. None of the prompts correspond to any specific date/time. So you can sign up at any point. :) If you have any questions, you can email me.
Thanks!! :D

Jeane Frizzell said...

I know this is cheesy but I love your how to with the stencils! I haven't tried this yet but I will. LOL!

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
1. That's teh question I want answered, too!!!
2. One of my favorite pages ever!