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Monday, March 22, 2010

8 March 2010 journal page

Had a great time teaching this weekend. Thanks to my fabulous students and to the Gang at Zinnia and Stampin From The Heart. I am teaching my infamous pen class this coming Saturday in Santa Monica at The Urban Craft Center.

I am looking for a tiny rubber stamp (preferably one that is mounted) that says

I tried etsy but I really dislike their new search feature where everything comes up! Eeps! Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the two cents on the stencil post. I will get to it and have one up asap!


Trine said...

how about carving your own stamp? ;-) i tried it yesterday, and i already made an owl and one saying snailmail...;-)

Christy said...

Let me know where you find one ... I'd like one also!

Anonymous said...

Let us know where you find one ... I'd like one, too! Thanks for a GREAT class this past Sat. Christy

Vel said...

Yep, it was Studio Calico, comes with numbers too


Vel said...

I could've sworn I had one but I just went through all my stamps and couldn't find it. I want to say it was by Studio Calico or some other big kit club who put it out. It was a clear stamp though.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks Vel but it's larger than I want it to be. I want a tiny one!!

I really really appreciate your help, though! :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly, think it's great that you are posting stencil info. wondering if you might post all your fave stores that are online and local in a sidebar post. so hard to find them within older posts

Sandy said...

Great page and I can't wait to see the stencil post.

Lisa Hoffman said...

I don't know if you found a source for custom rubber stamps, but I use Ace-Kauffman in Denver. Once Uptown went out of business, I was lost without the ability to create stamps out of thin air. You can typeset your own exactly the way you want them. I usually talk to Efron. They're very helpful. Here's the number:
Order On Line or Call
303-297-9111 1-800-728-3470
Cheers and happy stamp-making!