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Sunday, March 21, 2010

7 March 2010 journal page

I am at Stampin' From The Heart today teaching from 1230 to 430 if anyone needs me. I'll be flinging paint, stitching pages, and have glue covered fingers. I can't wait.

Blog Love-
I need to direct you over to Jane's blog, See Jane Run. Jane is Mother Extraordinaire to Jeane. Jeane and Jane are the co-creators of some ultra fabulous stencils that if you haven't heard me rave about, you need to go to both blogs and check out what they have been doing with them. Jane (Fabric)
Jeane (Paper)
though I know darn well both artists dabble in both mediums! Oh, if their names sound familiar, it's because they were both COVER girls for a magazine or two!

Is anyone interested in a blog post on where I get my stencils? (This would go on my sidebar along with my pen and tape post).

Films/TV Watched-
Star Trek Tholian Web
Wings of Desire

If you sell on etsy or ebay or if you use paypal, you might want to read this!


Vel said...

Thanks for the Paypal info...I was wondering if they'd get around to doing that. Fortunately that $20k amount doesn't include anything I do. Phew!

Gill M said...

Kelly I would love a post on your stencils - I have been particularly lusting after the 'hand' stencil I have seen you use. Can you please mention the manufacturer as well as the retailers so that I can try and track them down here in the UK.

Sandy said...

Great page and thanks for the link to Jeane's Mom's page. Cool stuff there. And the lovely IRS, they always find a way in don't they?

Jeane Frizzell said...

Your pages have so many layers it is amazing!

Mónica Zúñiga said...

I adore your style in journaling, it`s wonderful! I wish I could come to a class with you! :)
Thank you for inspiring us!
xoxoxo! MOni.

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
Stencils, yes! I am looking for a particular circle one, and maybe one of your sources will have it.
Thanks also for the post!!!

nspiegel said...

Kelly you are so great and generous. I too would love a post from you about stencils. Thanks! Nancy

martha brown said...

Thanks for that paypal info -- I'm wondering how it will affect Canadians... not that I sell much -- I'm pretty sure that I sold less than $100 last year :)

sheilasab@sbcglobal.net said...

kelly--i would love sources on stencils--i can't get enough--i don't even want to go to sleep, i want to stay up and stencil 24 hours per day---i even use some of the packaging from different companies-- ie: prima --they have curves and holes at the top !!!

you are one of the most generous people i have met in life... sam aka sheila sabatino

BonBon said...

Yes on stencils! I have used some of yours at your classes and want my own!