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Thursday, March 04, 2010

18 February 2010 journal page

A new Murphy Design book to be on the lookout for this summer-
Kelsey Brookes
published by Murphy Fine Art/Murphy Design


Follow the bouncing blog link...Uppercase linked to a wonderful post full of photos of an old book...it's love, trust me.


Oh, Hello Friend is having an AMAZING contest. You need to go over there. Really. Even if you don't enter, just go look at the pictures.


I have been getting atrociously disgusting anonymous spam comments the last few weeks (not just spam but like nasty gross spam). I am thinking of not only having my comments moderated (which I do to prevent the spammers from posting) but also using word captcha. I hate the idea of having to do BOTH but if it helps to make the spammers go away for a little bit and keep me sane, then I apologize in advance for it!


Susan Stokinger said...

Hi Kelly, I am so sorry you have had to deal with that it is such a rude invasion in to your life. I agree you have to do what you have to to screen it out. xxoo Susan

Lori W said...

Oh - so sorry to hear about the SPAM it is the main reason I switched over to WordPress. It's an easy switch if you want details I'll be happy to help.

melle said...

captcha is not so bad!

Raine said...

I don't know what is wrong with people!!!! I will never understand spam, gross obscenities, vandalism, violence, etc. Do whatever you have to do to feel safe. What a shame. You have a lovely, inspirational and positive blog. That anyone wants to spoil that is something I will never be able to comprehend.

Jeane Frizzell said...

Ooooh Kelly that blog give away is going to cost me money! What great Etsy shops! Thanks for the link!

I have been having crazy spam on my blog too- what's up???

I love how you used those swirly black stickers on your page too!

Sandy said...

Love the page. Thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Well, that might explain why on many days recently I just cannot get through to your blog. When I type in your web address, a pop up appears saying the line is busy and to try again later. That is new in the last, say, three weeks. Has anyone else mentioned this problem to you? I am fine with whatever measures you have to take, as long as I can get through. Best to you.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Anonymous,

That wouldn't have anything to do with word verification on comments. I just made that change last night and I've been having the problem with the spammers for months now (as are several others on blogger).

It has to be something either with your settings or your connection, but it isn't anything I did.

Sam said...

Hi Kelly:)

Thanks for the reply. I cannot figure out how to get my name up here, that's why I signed as anonymous. What the heck is open ID? I will press that button, but I hope I don't open a can of worms. I know not being able to get to your site is nothing you did.That was why I wanted to tell you about it. What I was trying to say, or ask, is it possible that someone is trying to block your sight by pinging you constantly? It is called a "denial of service attack". You can google that. It makes your website always busy. If you say the comments are disgusting, it is probably the same folks who are giving you a nightmare related to your other site. I am not a computer person, I was just complaining about missing your site to some friends this morning, and explained what happened with your previous site. Both of them are computer heads, and they both said" ooohhh, I have heard of that!" when I talked about what is happening to you now. Apparently what those people are doing is legal? Anyway, is it possible they have found you again and are going to give you a hard time again? Food for thought. I KNOW it is not you, I know it is not my computer. Love your site, love what you share, just trying to say be aware and be careful. No one else has had this problem?

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Sam,

But none of the comments have been published. I moderate the comments and I'm the only one who is seeing them. NONE of them have been published on the site. The people who are spamming me are spamming others as well. It has nothing to do with me personally. They're just spammers.

I don't know the people who bought out my domain name. It wasn't anyone who was trying to give ME a problem. They are called internet pirates. It's not just me who has problems with someone buying up a website and turning into crap.

I haven't heard from anyone else who has had a problem. My husband is on a different computer and just pulled up my blog on several different browsers. Try a different browser.