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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

11 March 2010 journal page

Yes! I used another of Jane and Jeane's stencils on the above page.

Some Blog Love-
Color over at Little Brown Pen
Speaking of scarves, oh how very much I love these especially the ones with the scissors..oh, but wait, what about the ones with the birdcages...
Pam Sussman's post on Rue Vavin
Peter Kuper's Alicia en el PaĆ­s de las Maravillas
Crazy Japanese Beauty Gadgets over at From Japan with Love
A Small Collection of Things over at Christine Clemmensen

Books Devoured, I mean read-
Stefano Benni's Margherita Dolce Vita (I read it in two nights and give it two very big thumbs up)
Next up, I'm deciding between One Day A Year or The Days of Abandonment. Yes, I am hoping to read every book by Europa Editions!

Films Viewed-
2001: A Space Odyssey and all of the extras on the DVD


Sandy said...

Great page. Did you use the stencil on a piece of paper and cut it out or is it painted and stuck in the journal? I love how you added the hands under the shape too.

Great links and love the scarves too. I always find great Etsy shops to save from your blog links too.

Stefano Benni's book sounds really good. I've saved it on Amazon. I'd never heard of these books, I know I've probably read about them here but just never "got" what you meant. They sound interesting. I think it's great that you plan to read them all. Thanks for posting about them. I love finding new sources of great books.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks Sandy for the kind words!

The stencil is made using a piece of handmade paper. I didn't do anything to it other then trace the stencil and cut it out..then glue it and journal on it ;)

Herm said...

Where & when in Oregon are you going to teach?

Kelly Kilmer said...

Herm-I responded to you in the previous blog post, in the comments section. I don't have your email or any way of emailing you directly.

Herm-Art On a Lark in Portland, OR either the 11th or 12th of September

I will have the info on here as soon as Art On A Lark has it on their site and I can link to it. :)


Herm said...

Thank you Kelly, sorry I didn't check it on the previous blog. I will look forward to September!

Kelly Kilmer said...

No worries, Herm! :) Hope to see you in September :) I will post the info here as soon as it's on their site. Thanks!!!