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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Musings

Still reading Upside Down, a primer by Eduardo Galeano. Books like this take me longer than fiction. Questions to ask. Things to think about. Discussions to be had. Powerful words.

We've been watching the first season of The Wire. Damn good show (except it gets kinda wonky at the end...does everybody become stupid or something?). Weird to sit down and watch a television show when you don't even have television.

Journal Love here!!!


Brian K said...

Oh such a lovely spread you did! Is the heart scrapbook paper??? Very cool! You always inspire!

Deb's Artful Journey said...

I think the Wire is the best drama series ever on tv. I dont remember everyone getting wonky :), but the show has some powerful messages. I hope you enjoy it.

Debby said...

Read your post yesterday and what new color is coming out? I have a red glaze pen with my set of glaze pens. I did order from Jetpens so I am anxious to try the ones from pilot that you mentioned. Love your journal pages. Have looked for a long time but never commented. Thanks for the sharing you do.


Gina (McCaleb-Rudder) Still said...

Oh my goodness - where did you find that heart? Did you cut it by hand? I love the two itty bitty birds! Your art and journals are so inspiring!

Susan Stokinger said...

You amaze me. It is so good to watch the shows that way. I need to rethink how I spend my time and money. BTW I did start a blue doll today.... Hope you are staying dry. xxoo ss

WrightStuff said...

My boyfriend tells me I shouldn't admit it when I do dumb things, but sometimes they are so funny that I just have to share.... So I read this post as if you were holding the book upside down (did not notice capital letters denoting title). I thought to myself "no wonder it took her so long to read".... Yes, bit of a loon me!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Deb-at the end of Season 1, several of the characters did stuff that was TOTALLY out of character. Damn good show. We finished season 1 and started season 2 last night. But it was frustrating to see them go from doing one thing to what the hell-!!? why are they doing THAT?

Sandy said...

I love this page and the focal is awesome. I haven't seen the Wire. Does it still come on HBO? I looked on their site and it just gave info about who was in it. I'll research more later. I like good shows and there really isn't much out there right now.

Connie Saunders said...

Love your pages! Wow!