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Saturday, December 12, 2009

November 28 journal page

The Shop Around The Corner-one of my most favorite films. It holds some serious sentimental value in this family.

More Nathalie Lete Love.

Sneak Peek at Papaya's new gift wrap. YUM.

Really? David Lynch was asked to direct Return of the Jedi?

Blade Runner come to life.

Borders isn't the only one who trashes/dumps books. All of the major bookstores do as well. I used to work for a BIG chain company and it was regular practice to rip covers off of both books and magazines, send the covers back to the publishers and throw away (not recycle, not donate) but DUMP the rest. Articles here and here.

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My last class of 2009 in So CA is tomorrow at the Art Bar!!
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Brian K said...

My garsh! Your art is not the only reason to come visit your blog! You are the pervaor over some really serious fun info! I will be chuckling all day about David Lynch, the salad part of the article is pretty funny... Love it, love it!!!

~Barb~ said...

"The Shop Around the Corner"??? OMG, anything with Jimmy Stewart in it is a winner in my book...I seriously LOVE that man. But you're right, "The Shop Around the Corner" is one of my favs...and I thought no one loved the old black and whites anymore. You rock!
Love the journal page(s)...always do. You remind me every day to get in my journal and do the work.
Peace & Love,

kira said...

When I worked at B&N, we returned a lot....only mass markets were stripped and then we had big bins that were sent back for recycling. Unless they decided we were too cool to throw them away...I rarely tossed anything bookish. Magazines were sent back this way, too. Of course, we all "rescued" things....which is why my copy of The Princess Bride has no cover.... *innocent*

Anonymous said...

I am very disturbed about the discarding of all those books. What about all the people who cannot afford a book. Why can't the books be donated? In my mind I think the books could find lots of homes.
What a travesty! Pat Q

T and J said...

I could scream about the books.
I hope those people who made that decision get severely bad karma points.
Those books could go to schools, hospitals, charities, prisons..
Thanks for raising my blood pressure today. I think I was better off not knowing about this :)

Commuter's Journal said...

Thanks so much for posting about the dumpstered books, Kelly. Not only is that alarming, but all of those magazines could be donated to community centers for arts and crafts projects. I am trying to start an art journaling class for teens and we could definitely use them! I wonder whether book stores would donate a few if I approached the manager of my local book chain. Do you know?

-- JeriAnn

Sandy said...

The poor books and people who could be reading all those books that can't afford them.

Some movie companies do this too. I know Blockbuster used to have their older movies destroyed and thrown away if they couldn't sell them. (the pre-watched) movies.

And people wonder why the landfills are so full today. Hmmmmm.

Love the new paper at Papaya. Yummy. And I've never seen The Shop Around the Corner, but I've seen You've Got Mail and I love that movie. I'll have to check out the "original" version I guess.

Great post.

BellaKarma said...

The Shop Around the Corner is too cool! Thank goodness for Turner Classic Movies! My faves to watch over and over are It Happened One Night and especially You Can't Take It With You! =)