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Friday, December 18, 2009

Meeting In The Ladies Room

You guys know me and books. The minute that Linda Woods posted that she and her sister, Karen Dinino had a THIRD book out and that it was *gasp* Self Published, I knew I had to have it *now*. I raced to Blurb to check out the preview. This is VERY high on my want list, my must have list. Pictures of women in the ladies room? Really? is probably what some would think, but no, most of us GET IT. We KNOW what happens behind those closed doors. We know the secrets, the camaraderie, the truths, the giggles, the tears-we know the reality of what goes on behind those doors where women gather alone and in groups. We get it.

Linda sent me a pdf file of the book to review. It's everything I had hoped for. It's filled with luscious photographs with yummy colors and textures and visuals. It's real women-it's us. It could be you or me in those photos. We've all been there. It makes me want to grab my camera and shoot some self portraits in front of the bathroom mirror (LOVED Theresa Mutzig-Erwin). It makes you think (someone else is thinking that?!). It makes you laugh (cupcakes in the bathroom sink). It makes you cry (someone else is yearning for just quiet time to themselves).

It's filled with pictures of real women in real places. It's filled with their thoughts, their dreams, their musings and their strengths. It would make a damn good gift for any female anywhere (I love Lucy from Belfast!). It's on my Christmas wish List. You should add it to yours, too (you still have time!)

The only thing that pisses me off is that I didn't think of it first. Leave it to the two sisters! You go girlfriends. Kudos on a job well done. Save me a cupcake.

Special Offer!
Blurb.com is offering our readers $10 off the book if they order by 12/31. The discount code is GREATGIFT

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T and J said...

Heck we spend so much time standing in line for the bathroom- we have to get to know each other

Linda Woods said...

Thank you! So glad you liked it and connected with it :)