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Saturday, December 19, 2009

3 December Journal Page

The little picture of Tristan was printed out using my Polaroid Pogo printer. It's fun. I'm not sure if I'd really recommend paying a ton of money for it. I got mine on amazon for $29 (when I am linking this now it is listed at less than $22.). Their price keeps going up and down on it. Another tip is to check out the different colors. The black one is usually the cheapest (vs the pink or red one). Also ebay has had package deals for them from time to time. I can't wait to use it more this holiday season! It even works with my cellphone (bluetooth) which is FUN. I bought my case for it on ebay for $10.

Check out this Crafty Studio posted on Decor 8!

oh, Hello Friend's lovely package exchange revisited. Great ideas for wrapping gifts!

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martha brown said...

I'm hoping that I'm getting a pogo for christmas. It's the only thing that I asked for.......

Brian K said...

Okidoki me not so much a Christmassy cute kinda guy... so why am I so in love with your current layout? It is way cool! I am sooo taking one of your classes in 2010!!! Hmmm what to take??? Any suggestions???

Dawn said...

Beautiful journal page! You will talk me into that pogo printer yet. I love the idea of being able to put photos in my journal right away. I'll have to have one before my next trip.

MJ said...

How's the quality of the print for the pogo?

Kelly Kilmer said...

MJ- It's like a polaroid but smaller. It's not bad but it's not perfect. ;)

Martha-I hope you get it!!!

Thank you so much Dawn!!!

Huge thanks Brian! I'm the same way. lol. I've been using Christmassy stuff but not in the typical way. I'll have my classes for early 2010 listed on my blog this week i hope!! You can email me if you have ANY questions!!! There are lots of new ones!!

Sandy said...

Great page, I love it and Tristan has grown up fast. Thanks for all the links, esp. the one to Time with the 50 blogs, that one is great to browse through.

Betsi Goutal said...

Loving it! It really evokes Christmas for me, and not in that saccharine over-commercialized Campbell's Condensed Christmas kind of way. Like Brian said, not Christmassy-cute, just capturing the simple warmth and happy hubub of the season, you know?

And speaking of classes, I got myself signed up for the Prompted class and the Kawaii Book class at Ink About It. I was wondering, for the "Journal (with paper “heavy” enough to use with acrylics, etc…)" listed in the materials, would a moleskine work? I've never used one before, but I don't think I really have any journals stashed away with sturdy pages in it. Everyone always gives me regular lined-paper journals.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks Betsi for the kind words!! ;)

Looking forward to seeing you at Ink About It!!!!

Sure! You can use a moleskine. I'll also have some extra cardstock on hand if anyone needs it. If you even wanted to, you can take the paper, fold it in half and use it in your Kawaii book! Just a thought ;) I've used a moleskine several times and they do take paint. If you have any questions please feel free to email me EGorey99 at sbcglobal dot net

See you soon!

Dorit Elisha said...

It seems to me that your journal pages have shifted a little in your color, texture and style choices in the last few weeks. Is it so or am I imagining? I love it though!
Anyways, I recommend to all to take the taped journal class! I love my taped journal. It was so much fun!!