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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Look inside...

Here's a final glimpse into the last page of my journal that I've been working on for October. I will show you my new journal soon!

Trekking to Artful Living in Ojai today. Can't wait!


taylor said...

Cool last page. The whole book is neat. Kind of a different look.

Jessica said...

Hi! My name's Jessica. I've been following you for a long time, you are my hero of journal making/pages. I wish I could do this too! I was wondering, when you make your journals... putting in the pages, do you decorate the page and then write on it or do you decorate as you go to match that day? I haven't yet made a journal but I finally took the leap into art journaling recently and I'm in love. I just wonder which is the best way to go about it.

Thank you so much for inspiring me!!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks for the kind words!!!

Jessica-I do everything in one swing usually. I like to work on the pages and write when I'm done. I know others though who decorate their pages and write later on. That doesn't work best for ME. You need to find what works best for YOU ;) You can always email me if you have ?'s.

Sharyn said...

Love it! But don't I always?

Have fun teaching today :)

lynne h said...

kelly! can you hear my heart beating there?! look at those pages - that cover!!! aiiyyyeeeee!! xo

~jolene said...

A wise friend once told me "don't use the word LOVE unless you truly mean it...".

I LOVE this journal. I LOVE all your journals. And I hope you know...I LOVE you!

Seth said...

What a treasure Kelly. I love the last page and I am a sucker for shots of full journals, with paging fanning out!! October's journal is definitely a home run!