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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Last page of my October Journal..November's is coming soon...

I had a lovely day yesterday with my friends Darcy and Lisa Sonora. It was a fun girl day filled with lots of talk, laughter and smiles.

We hit-

Nova Color

Urban Craft Center


Kino Buy It All, I mean Kinokuniya

Lunch was at the absolutely scrumptious (as in I can't wait to go back there and try dessert too next time) Aroma Cafe in Studio City. THE LINE WAS OUT THE DOOR! OMG! It was sooooo yummy and sooooooooo well worth it.

What did I buy? Not much. I was very good.

-I needed white acrylic at Nova Color for my classes so I stocked up! Sign me up for a quart and I'm good to go.

-Well, I had just been to Urban Craft Center on Saturday when I taught so I was very very good. It was difficult to resist their temptatious goodies.

-Zinnia? I loaded up on glue for my class at Artful Living in Ojai this Sunday. Tamara and Suki were taking down the 350 show. I bought a certain unnamed family member an original Angela Cartwright piece so someone will be quite happy come Christmas!

? I resisted the siren's call from their tape and masking tape department considering I have all of the masking tape already (shhhh). They do have some of the best prices around in the U.S. for the M-T Masking tape. $6.30 for two rolls, $33 or so for a 10 pack of the wide tape (in two different color themes with "Springy" type colors and "Fall" type colors) or a 20 pack of all of the colors in just a narrower size tape. They also have patterned packs of tape. You can check out the M-T Masking tape line here. Kinokuniya DOES do mail order so you could phone them to place an order. I've found their prices better than some of the ones on etsy. If I find any bargains in the coming weeks I will post here!!!

-I did succumb to one of my favorite book companies at Kino. They have the latest Paumes book called Copanhagen Apartments in stock and well, it jumped into my hands. It needed to go home with me. I also left with 3 pens and a funky crayon type thing that I will tell you about soon.

What was the best part of the day? Was it the goodies? Noooooo. It was spending several hours in the company of two very good friends. *thanks ladies* for such a fun fun FUN day. Let's do it again soon!!!

Comic Con 4 day passes with preview night?
Sold out.
Comic Con 4 day passes without preview night?
Sold out.
WTF? Already????


katie said...

such goodness here, pure inspiration. i'm racing into the studio to play in my journal with paint and tape :-)

Studio Sylvia said...

Sounds like you had fun all round. Journal page is lovely.

Sharyn said...

Happy to hear you had a "fun" day instead of a work day. Isn't it great to be with people who "get" and love the same stuff you do?

Why don't I live closer?

And have all those cool stores to shop at? (maybe it's good that I don't)

Connie Lutz said...

Sounds like a fabulous day...no Soap Plant Wacko? (Newberry Comics in Boston reminded me a little of SPW..) I really want to come down and play!!!!!