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Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Loot

SOME of what I bought at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale AZ (if I say "some", it means the rest is in my art bag or my class art bags already!!!!)-

A certain someone spoiled me with an early birthday present! I am in love with these things and am looking for the bat keychain-
SOME of what I bought at Art On A Lark in Hillsboro OR-
Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley AND the tape from Kinokuniya in SF-
Scrapbooks Etc in Mesa AZ-
Reading Frenzy and Powells in Portland-
more Powells-
Flax in SF-

In the mood for a good read this month? I finished Her Fearful Symmetry yesterday morning. I stayed up late reading it and woke up and didn't even get out of bed. I reached right over for it and relished it until the end. Yes, some of it is predictable. No, it's not Time Traveler's Wife but it does stand on it's own and it was a damn good read. Perfect for October.


Viki said...

Love those spider rub ons!!

Mouseybrat said...

OH MAN! I am drooling over your loot!

Sid said...

Looks like you scored! I especially love the fabrics.

Would you list the books that are in that pile that you can't see the title? I'm curious s to what the book is with the hand holding the heart on a string!

GoodchefT said...

Is it weird that I like seeing the pictures you post of your loot?

Debbie Bick said...

wow lots of fun toys kiddo...glad you had fun..see ya soon..Happy Birthday love ya...play hard....

Raine said...

You are my HERO!!!! I'm drooling over all of that stuff! I feel better about my shopping now. Sometimes a girl just hasta have some new stuff!!! Besides...books and art supplies aren't a splurge...they are a necessity. I'd probably stop buying my meds before I'd stop buying books and art supplies!!! Retail therapy!

Kay said...

Yay, way cool goodies you got there. I love the skellanimals too! Diego's my favourite since I collect bats.
Is that I Dr. Suess book I see under there? It looks like the grinch's hand coming out from beneath.
I am really missing APAD this month. Hoping to get back with it next. Have a great day!

Kelly Kilmer said...

No, no Dr Seuss book ;)

I posted about two of the books-including the heart on a string here-
The books are-
Just For You (Designs From The Heart)

and Joanna Rubin Dranger's What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Miranda July's No one Belongs Here More Than You

Bill Bryson's Life and Time of The Thunderbolt Kid

Ellie McDoodle Have Pen Will Travel (for Tristan)

Jacky said...

What a great lot of booty!!! Salivating over every photograph. I LOVE the stamps you bought, will be great in journals etc. and I'm going to look out for 'Her Heartfelt Symmetry".

Susan said...

How did you manage to get everything in your suitcase!?! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Jeane Frizzell said...

Ooooh! Aaaah! Thanks for showing us the loot!

lee said...

Iam going to get that book, just read the review and its my kind of book. Loving all your stuff,

Oh... Mercy said...

yipes! I love those papers!
I have to go back and look at the rest. I stopped when I gasped over the paper.

Barbara Hagerty said...

Count me among the droolers! I know you need to make room for the new stuff, so I'll bet it's a slice of heaven just to look in your dust bin!

Finished what I was reading this morning, so I'm off to get both books and start TTW tonight!

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

I am heading to the Encinitas Library TOMORROW to try and check out HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY. It sounds terrific, and perfect for an October read. Thanks, Kelly, for the referral :-)... Davielle

Anonymous said...

That looks amazingly expensive. It's no wonder I don't do collage work LOL! doesn't really fit into my $10,000 annual income!