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Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 3, 2009 journal page

I am crazy busy with prep work. Next weekend I am teaching at Art on a Lark in Hillsboro, OR. Mom arrives Wednesday night and we're driving up there on Thursday. We'll get back home sometime late Monday or Tuesday (depending upon what we decide to do and how things go). We're home until Thursday, when we jump in the car and head on over to Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale, AZ. In between prepping for my eleven in person classes (five of which are brand spanking new), I am also working on my sample pages and typing up my online October A Prompt A Day class. All this while helping Tristan with his homeschooling online program. Crazy, me? Nahhh....I am VERY excited about trekking to OR and meeting new friends. I can't wait to see my friends in Scottsdale!!!!!! Busy busy is good!

A certain little jelly bean has been begging me to put these pictures on here. Here are his creations-
David, me, and Tristan have been Lego-ized.
"Our house" complete with two floors, one BIG art room (he knows how to make his Mom happy), a library, solar panels, a bathroom with an indoor waterfall and more. I want to know if he can pull this stunt off in real life.-
And no, this isn't what he does 'in school' but after school or on breaks. Mom loves paper, creativity and Boy. Boy loves Legos, creativity and Mom. Not in that order, I hope. ;)


T and J said...

The Legos are cool!
You let him play with the Legos during recess, right? LOL!

Sharyn said...

Hmmm...Mom or Legos?

Take care of yourself and have fun with all your classes! Say HI! to the AZ friends for me.

(I think Mom will win, especially if she is the one who buys the Legos!)

Anonymous said...

COOOOLLLL . Is that a Wookie riding a bike ? I wanna live in that neighborhood !!!!! ;-)
Great job Tristian .

Kat Parke

Beth said...

he has some wicked awesome lego skills. i'm still giggeling over the jawa rolling by. that wins!

Julia Anna Cornish said...

Haha.. I can totally relate to this lego post. My son is always asking me to take pictures of his and put them on the lego website. And Tristan is awesome...An entire floor for your art studio!!! Your raising him right. As for the order of what he loves most... Im not sure moms can compete with legos...