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Thursday, September 03, 2009

more journal pages...and pondering on where we spend our money

I got the "A Few of My Favorite Things" paper and fabric from a collage pack from Martha Brown. I HAD to use it along my page edge. Thanks, Martha!


Dad's going into the hospital today. Fingers are crossed. Thanks for thinking of him... If you knew him, you'd know what he's like and what a good guy he is, not to mention the best Daddy ever. He's the kind of man who walks down the street and smiles at you and says, "Hi" as you walk by. He's the kind of man who can't go anywhere without running into a "friend". Thanks for your support and good thoughts today.

Make sure you read Sarah a.k.a. The Small Object Steno Pad's post about small businesses, where you spend your money, supporting your fellow working artists and more here. It's an extremely well written blog post and one that I agree with. It's always a choice where we spend our money and what on. I am a strong supporter of Mom and Pop shops (be they brick and mortar shops or online shops). I know how hard it is to struggle and to stay afloat as an artist and instructor. I know how much work goes into something. I would much rather spend my pennies on something handmade, locally grown, unique, one of a kind then go into a big box store and buy more crap that everyone else can buy. I may not have much, but I know where I want to spend it.

Lately there seems to be a trend of knocking off unique artists' wares with shabbily made, mass produced, cheaply priced items. I've seen it time and time again where I look at something in a big box store and think, "That's so and so's design!" I always think hard and think fast about where I spend my money. Think about who it's effecting. Think about the artist whose design and hard work was stolen. Think how you would feel.

See the list of shops (you know, the ones I teach at) that are on the right side of this blog? I also shop there. Yup. All of 'em. They're all small mom and pop shops (mostly Mom shops ;)). I'm a big fan of these stores and the people that own and operate them. They treat me right. They treat their customers right. They have dang good prices. They've got what I want and that's one of the many reasons why I not only shop at those stores, but also teach there. I, for one, don't want to be left with only big box stores to shop at. I want to be able to go and find that unique, one of a kind treasure, the kind that you can only find through a small business. The kind you will never find at the evil "M" store, regardless of the cute and clever packaging.

I also shop etsy.

You can see my favorite etsy sellers here

I shop online.

Some favorite online vendors-

Papier Valise

Hannah Grey

All This Is Mine

Who are some of your favorites? Who do you support? Where do your hard earned pennies go?


~Barb~ said...

One of my favorite online shops is Nona Designs (http://www.nonadesigns.com/)...I can get all those supplies that I need from her and never have to step food in one of the "BIG" stores. YAY!
Peace & Love,

sharon said...

Kelly - many positive thoughts, lots of energy and Reiki coming to you and your dad today, as well as hopes for a positive outcome.

I am SO with you on supporting your local "Mom" shops! Here in small town Flagstaff our art and craft suppliers are few, and they generally can't give me the lowest price on the things I need, but I value the human relationship I have with these small business owners FAR more than the few pennies (or 40% off any single item - you know who I'm talking about) I could save by shopping at a big box store. They know what I'm looking for; they know my name; they're familiar with my art and ask how the last show went; they take time to chat. And as little as they can afford it - they offer me a discount because I teach...

Flagstaff has three "Mom" owned shops that I patronize: Visible Difference, Flagstaff's only artists' supply store (which has increased their line of bookbinding supplies in response to my needs); Purl in the Pines, a fabulous needle arts supply and instruction store (they even carry addi-turbo knitting needles in STOCK! All you knitters know what I mean, here.); and About Memories and More, Flagstaff's only locally owned scrapbook store. All these business owners are committed to serving the needs of the local arts community, and deserve our support in return.

Small business is and always has been the backbone of the local economy! Thanks for bringing this up on your blog!

Wishing the best outcome for you and your dad today.

Alix said...

Kelly, I'm thinking of your dad today...sending lots of good wishes!

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...

Thanks, Kelly! Glad Dad is home and on the mend!

Shoshanah said...

yeah -- glad he's doing well! and thanks for the shout-out. i really need it right now...

martha brown said...

You are very welcome Kelly -- I'm so happy that your dad is doing well -- I'm directing positive thoughts for a very speedy recovery!xox~martha

ysdw said...

Wonderful and timely post - buyolympia.com is fabulous. :)

Glenda T. said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by my blog and validating what I myself think about "art"! haha Love these new journal pages!!