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Saturday, September 12, 2009

2 September 2009 journal page

We survived our first week of home schooling via an online program. It's been a lot of work, but Tristan seems happy (if he's happy, I'm happy). One thing that I'm not happy with is the amount of testing (we know who to thank for that.) Every day, Tristan has to log into a site and take tests in both math and English. The testing that they do isn't even about anything that he has been studying that day, or even previous lessons. It doesn't count towards his grade. It doesn't give him any bonus points for anything. It's frustrating, especially when it's an added hour on top of all of the other work he has to do. Frankly, it pisses me off.

Yay! I sent in my proposals for Art Unraveled 2010. One more thing checked off of my To Do List.
Double Yay!

I received a copy of Imaginary Windows #4 in the mail the other day and quickly read it that night. I'm sure you know this already, but I love zines. I'm a sucker for a cute well written zine and this one is definitely cute and well written! Sign me up for more, I'm smitten!

My FindTape masking tape order arrived and I'm one happy customer. Give me something colorful and made from paper and I'm smiling. Give me some of that tape, more paper, my glue stick and some pens and I'm ecstatic.


T and J said...

I don't know who is responsible for setting up the testing everyday (so please spill the name :)

That seems excessive to test every single day on Math & English. Jeepers.
Once a week seems reasonable enough.

rscoach said...

Didn't know you decided to home school Tristan - what went into that decision - as an only child isn't that isolating for him? not a criticism merely a question - feel free to e-mail me privately if you prefer - love you! xo Reva (Los Angeles)


Kelly Kilmer said...

It's actually testing on top of testing.
It's part of No Child Left Behind. Kids are being taught for testing. Schools that don't 'score' well enough are being punished. It's a difficult environment for both the teachers and the children.

So, every day the online school has an assessment at the end of EACH lesson. So, he does an assessment for each lesson. Then he has to log into another program and answers questions in English and Math. Crazy.

Reva-I have been talking about homeschooling Tristan for years. I wrote about it in the comments of some previous posts. Tristan isn't isolated as an only child. Homeschooling brings him into more contact with people and children of all ages.

T and J said...

Reva - Tristan will not be isolated. Far from it.

You want isolated - try being an only child on a farm living in the middle of a corn field. THAT was isolated.

sharon said...

Finished with Proposals? You SO rock! Still struggling with all the little details...pushing a deadline. AARGH!

Shoshanah said...

what tape did you get?

oh, how i hate teaching for testing! grey is so happy at his new school 'cuz they teach differently. they still have to be test driven, but they have a lot more hands on stuff...more like the school we used to have!

i'm glad tristan is happy and doing well. being miserable is no way to go through school (as so many of us did).