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How the hell is it August already? I swear I blinked and July went by. Between trekking to and teaching in Colorado. Then trekking and whooping it up in San Diego at Comic Con, I mean really. Where the hell did the month go? August will probably fly by too between Art Unraveled
and going back East to visit family and teach classes.

Will someone come over and help me unpack and repack? Also, Tristan's homeschooling stuff came from K-12. Oy. They sent a TON of stuff. Where to put all of this? They sent art supplies-acrylic paint AND clay. They sent a MICROSCOPE. I went through his school materials today and I am very impressed. He'll be reading The Hobbit, for one thing. I am happy.

Last night I stayed up late reading The Airy Tales by Olga Volozova. It was one of the comics I picked up at Sparkplug at Con. I have been drooling over it since I had seen it on Book by its Cover (one of my favorite blogs). I love it. I love the colors. I love the drawings. I love the stories. It's a treasure of a book. Something that both adults and children can enjoy, too.
Make sure you check out Sparkplug's site. They are THE place to buy mini comics.

We also bought-

Rock That Never Sleeps

Austin English's Windy City #3. I LOVE Austin's work. Not to mention, he's got kick ass taste in mini comics.

Bird Hurdler-they gave me a copy of this. I was SO happy. I'd been looking for a copy of it and had yet to find one. I swear I squealed when they gave it to me.


to name a few. We bought so many frickin' mini comics that I could fill several blog posts with all that we loaded up on. Get your ass on over to Sparkplug and check it out for yourself. You can't go wrong. They only publish the best and they only sell the best. They are a must hit for us every preview night at Comic Con every year.

You can see all the zines and books we lugged home here.


Viki said…
Hey Kelly,
I didn't know you were going to homeschool your son! COOL! I hope it all works out well. We thought seriously about homeschooling our oldest and looking back it probably would have been better than the route we went.
If you want to ever bounce stuff off another parent, feel free to email me.
BellaKarma said…
Ohmygoodness! I wish I had known about K-12 years ago! I ended up "unschooling" Marissa (not using a curriculum) -- and I can't complain -- but K-12 sounds fantastic! I'm so happy for you and Tristan for giving this a shot! =)
Connie Lutz said…
Wow - homeschooling! I think that would be tough. I hope things go well for you and Tristan. Good luck!

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