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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

21 July 2009 journal page

I've been spending the last week working on my online A Prompt A Day class, my Art Unraveled classes and my classes at Ink About It and The Stamp Act in Massachusetts.
Crazy schedule. Looking forward to the classes and seeing friends and family!!

My boy accidentally broke the sound on our laptop by tripping over the headphones that were plugged into the side of it. A piece of the laptop came out with it and now, no more sound. I guess that means no more Radio Dismuke for me. I didn't flip out. He didn't get ripped a new one, though I was tempted, but didn't lose my cool. Ce la vie. Needless to say some little boy will be doing dishes for a long time.

On the to do list for this week-
trips to Nova Color and Dick Blick

Please make sure that you read my post here about MY name being used as a frickin p*rn site. I am NOT happy. It's called cybersquatting. I feel like I've been the victim of blackmail. The only way the bastard who bought my site will relinquish it, is probably if I pay a gazillion dollars. I barely have two frickin' pennies to rub together. The whole thing really isn't funny, but very upsetting, especially if you know what the website claims to be. I did a whois look up and am NOT happy to see MY artwork next to the words that describe the site, let alone MY NAME being used for the site.

Please, if you know anyone who is linked to me, please make sure they use my blog. I have not used
my name dot com for over a year. All of my information has been live and active via my blog, here. Thanks.


The Demanding Doll said...

I wonder if it is legal to use your name whether they bought the site or not. It was yours first and I'm sure that could be proven. Are they using it to make $$?

Just sounds illegal to me.

Deb's Artful Journey said...

Hi Kelly,

Sorry about your website being used as a porn site. Thats horrible! Especially with your art next to it!!

Can you describe how you did todays journal page? Its really beautiful! Thanks.

Lindart said...

Hi Kelly - you will pleased (I hope) to hear that I googled you and got to page 13 before I gave up and didn't see any Kelly Kilmer p*rn site. Not that I wanted to! I recently had a problem with a new school opening in my area that was using the name of my school in their webline (the little thing that comes up at the very top of the computer), it showed up in my history as the name of MY school. I was quite upset, so I know a little of how you must feel.

Anonymous said...

Kelly how HORRIBLE! Makes you want to throw stuff huh? I read in the news the other day that some guy was just prosecuted and sent to jail for something like this. Not sure if it was the state da or a us prosecutor though. Good luck with ousting the bastard!
Terrie Lightfoot

Joyce said...

Hi Kelly-
Looking forward to seeing you and all the crazy ladies in Westford!

Lubna said...

Hi Kelly
Oh that's terrible about your name being linked with such smut. I agree with you when you say it's not funny - indeed it's very serious and something should be done about it.

Aurileide Alves said...

Your work is just great! Loved the assemblage style!

Susie said...

Hi Kelly
I heard what happened with your old website. That totally sucks. I just don't get it. It is SO WRONG and so unfair to you. Just know that your art friends will stand by you. Your artwork is always amazing and it shouldn't be linked to anything so ugly and awful. It angers me that anyone can just go and do that. Wrong. Just Wrong.

BTW I found some of the Sharpie water based poster paint markers you have shared about at a local indie art store able. I picked up all of the black and white ones they had left and I LOVE them. I use them on almost everything in some way.