What we brought home from Comic Con

-not in the pictures because I am hoarding them already are Chris Ware's exhibit catalog and Laura Park's Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream.

We bought books from-
Drawn and Quarterly
Last Gasp
Top Shelf
Society of Illustrators L.A.
Allen Spiegel Fine Arts
Mark Murphy
Buenaventura Press
Bud Plant Illustrated Books

What is Torch Tiger
New England Comics
Bongo Comics
and some small vendors who didn't have business cards...

We picked up a few books during the show and really lucked out on Sunday with some great exhibitor sales. One vendor said he'd throw in a box and the number of his chiropractor. HA!


Taylor schapiro said…
Holy cow spots that is a lot of stuff. I want to see it. Where is it all going?
Sandy said…
Wow Kelly, you did goood. :) Love all the books. So glad you all had a great time. I loved seeing the photos of Tristan, the smile on his face says it all. It's well worth the lines to see a smile like that on a child's face. I didn't see any of yours but I'm sure they were there, I could tell from the writing. ;)

Thanks for sharing all of your experiences with those of us who couldn't go.
T and J said…

books are so wonderful!
martha brown said…
Wow, Kelly --I can't believe how much energy you must have!
JohnK said…
Hi Kelly

it was nice meeting you tonight too!

Thanks for the nice compliment.

Your pal,

Unknown said…
Wow, I literally want to crawl under and be blanketed by all these books. Bliss.... I think I need an intervention.
Seth said…
What a great haul!!

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