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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

another journal page

Thank you for all of the kind words, thoughts and prayers regarding my Dad. He'll be meeting with the doctor again today. We all appreciate those of you who have kept him close. From the bottom of my heart, thanks.

One thing I've been meaning to talk about lately is art, safety and common sense. As an instructor, I notice that sometimes people are so excited about making art that they don't bother reading labels or being aware of the products that they are using. Folks, we want you around. Here are some of my favorite tips that I like to share with my students-

1. Take the time to read the labels. Be wary of cadmiums, chromiums, zinc, cobalts and more. Read up on health labels. Be wary of anything with an orange X on it. I do not use cadmiums, chromiums, etc... they contain heavy metals that once they get into your body, there is no way for them to get out. My boy only has one kidney so I refuse to use anything toxic including Krylon pens (read the label on the package).

2. Use a barrier cream for your hands. I use a barrier cream (Invisible Care Ez-Air is my personal favorite) every time I go to paint. Not only does it help to remove paint and mediums from your hand if you apply more again BEFORE you wash, but it helps to protect your skin from anything "bad" getting into it.)

3. Don't eat or drink when you paint. If you do drink, put a lid on it. Do NOT use food cups or utensils at ALL for paint in any way, shape or form. Do NOT use drinking cups as paint buckets if you plan on drinking in them again.

4. Don't dump your water down the drain. Instead of dumping water down the drain and using the sink to clean brushes, I either fill up my water bucket with only about an inch of water and let the water evaporate when I'm done OR I use paper towels or old rags to soak up the water and then throw that away.

5. Be very VERY careful about sanding dried acrylic and acrylic medium. I don't recommend doing this. If you must, please read up about health risks.

6. If you're using spray paint, please read labels and read up on spraying. I don't like spray paint. I don't like spray varnish. I don't like spray anything. It's bad for you. It's bad for the environment.

7. Wash and scrub your hands thoroughly when you are done painting. PLEASE wash your hands before you eat anything. I like to apply the barrier cream to my hands again before I wash my hands. Then I use a baby wipe (or wipes) to get my hands clean. I will then wash my hands with soap and water.

8. Keep your mouth off of brushes, pens, any art supply. I can't tell you how many students I have seen lick brushes, put art supplies in their mouths, etc... Please, please, please don't do this. It's not safe. If you need to wet your brush, use your mediums or use water. Don't lick your brushes. Please.

9. Do NOT use a heatgun to 'speed up the drying time' of acrylics. When acrylics dry they are almost like dried plastic. You do not EVER want to heat acrylic paint or mediums. Use a hair dryer, but not a heatgun. Ever.

This isn't meant to scare or point my finger at you and tell you what to do. It's meant to educate people who may not know. I know I'm always excited about art and making art. I want my students and my artist friends to be around for a very, very long time. Yes, this means YOU. Read the labels and just be aware of what you are using. Use common sense. Don't be afraid to have fun, just know what you are using while you're having fun.


K and the kids need our help again, please. More here. Thank you!!!


Megan Warren said...

Great pages Kelly! Did you draw the lace pattern above the yellow heart? Thinking of you guys!

Karenann Young said...

I haven't been very good at keeping up with my blogs so I missed that your Dad is sick. My heart and prayers go out to him and all your family. Many hugs.

Kelly Kilmer said...

It's tape-

Sherry Goodloe said...

Praying for dad, love your pages, and thank you for the reminder that "reading is fundamental"! :)

Amy said...


Good info about cleaning. Some stuff I never really paid much attention to (e.g. cadmiums, cobalts etc.) I will be more aware..thank you. Doesn't hurt to be reminded of this info every so often. Also, many prayers are being forwarded your way in regards to your dad. Hang in there!

Sabrina said...

These are very good reminders. Although I'm not a huge one on sticking things in my mouth, I'm as guilty as anybody of rushing through paint applications with my heat gun. I will have to move my hair dryer into my studio. I've been meaning to anyway since the heat gun tends to turn my thermal sensitive receipts black.

Connie said...

Love your pages. And I appreciate the comments about health and safety. I ordered some barrier lotion from dick blick.

Brandi said...

very educational post re:being safe with art mediums!! Thanks for sharing, this is very very helpful!

Sandy said...

Thanks Kelly for caring about us. I always do these although I don't use the barrier cream. I'm going to have to pick some up. I generally don't get any on my hands, I'm just really weird about it and if I do I wipe it off.

Still praying for your Dad.

Sarah said...

Lovely pages! Also thanks for the advice-I think I do some of that but I could certainly be more careful. I have linked to this post on my blog(well I will when that post s done!)-hope that is ok. If not let me know! I just thought it was such good advice. Now I have to go and investigate all those artists you have just mentioned in your next post!