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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

May 30th journal page

The pink tape above is from Tapeswell. It's called Pink Twig. I LOVE THEIR TAPE!
I am above and beyond impressed with
Dorothy Simpson Krause's new book, Book + Art. I have been a huge fan of her work for years and am thrilled that she has this new publication out. The how to is top notch, but I'm very interested in seeing HER WORK in print and boy, you get a taste for it here. If you buy one book so far this year, make sure THIS is it.

You can check out her website here.
You can see another book she has for sale on blurb here. Finally, her tarot card deck is here.

Speaking of books, artists and all things yummy, if you do not know who Sophie Calle is, you must MUST get to a bookstore. NOW. Go look online to get a taste, but after that RUN to the bookstore and look in the art section.

Finally, is anyone else really really REALLY desperate or craving or in the mood for more collage, artists books, artists journals and the like published as ART BOOKS and NOT only published SOLELY as how to's? I've said it before and I'll say it again, our genre of work does not get the respect that it deserves. We want REAL art books and not only how to's. I'll be first in line to buy them. Hell, if Northlight or whomever published a book of Dorothy Simpson Krause's books right now, I'd buy them. Or Juliana Coles. Or. Or. Or.

There IS a market for it.

And I'll be first in line.


Susan said...

I totally agree that there are way too many How-To books and not enough books celebrating the works of mixed media and book artists. While I like to learn techniques, I keep returning to picture books dedicated to artists, a style or a movement. It's a feast I can't enjoy enough!

Erin Perry said...

Yes, yes, yes! I would love Art books of my all my faves. There are so many places to find "how-tos" and don't most of us end up buying them for the "eye candy" anyways?
You are spot on with this, I totally agree.
Erin in Morro Bay

Anonymous said...

Why will you be first in line to buy them? Why will you not be the first to create one? to publish one. I so agree with you...
Thanks for yet again great links...and for stunning and enticing journal pages.

postal orphan said...

I'm with Erin - yes, yes, yes!!! As much as I love the "how to" books, I love the "gallery" type books even more. It's a great way to spend an evening - curled up with a book (or better, a pile of books!) of wonderful inspiring photographs.

crimsoncat05 said...

yes to the books for me, too! and, like Erin said, I end up using art books as "eye candy" too.

(I love your pink page with the tape and the bit of flowered pink paper in the corner!)

Kira said...

I've always wanted to write a book like that. I have all the notes down, just haven't gotten it pulled all together. Maybe I will....I did a 'zine like that, a long time ago (on Lulu), and loved it. *G* Making books is addictive.