Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 9th and 11th journal pages

I don't have a thing at all for hand images ;)

I colored in the hands on the right using Stabilo's 3 in 1 woody crayon pencils, which I LOVE. You can use them to color in images, make marks, highlight images, write, draw, etc... I love the soft buttery feel to them. Watersoluble crayon in pencil form! Online it says the target group is children, but would you buy your kids a set of pencils that cost over $40?? Really! The amount of pigmentation has got to be seen, used and tested to be believed. These are quite nummy.

Tristan's last day of 6th grade! Woo hoo!!!!

Check out Jeane's blog for some heads up on her thoughts on last week's Jane and Jeane's Great California Adventure.


April Hall said...

WOW, those crayons look TO DIE FOR! Can you watercolor with them? Because if you can I am gonna snag a set!

Kelly Kilmer said...


Deb's Artful Journey said...

Love these pages! By the way, what mags do you use?


T and J said...

I think these pages show your signature color. Pretty cool.

Sandra L. said...

Where online can I buy these pencils? they look so cool!