Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another APAD teaser and journaling on the go...

Here are some 'teaser' pages for my July, A Prompt A Day class. Yes, these are new techniques that I haven't taught in previous months. Yes, I teach new techniques each and every month-no repeats! You can find out more information by clicking here. There is still space in the workshop which starts tonight, June 30th after 8 p.m. PST!
Some of you know that I love the little $2 Iris photo boxes that a friend turned me onto a few months ago. Well, another friend, Jeane, let me know that The Container Store has the boxes in stock for $2 each. They are just the right size for paper scraps. They also fit a glue stick and some pens. ALL YOU NEED FOR JOURNALING ON THE GO!!!! Last year when I went to Comic Con, all I brought was an old small wet ones container with a flip lid. It fit my "swatches" books I was working on, a plethora of paper scraps, a glue stick and some favorite pens. It was awesome! I was able to work on pages while I was in line waiting, while I was at breakfast or dinner. I didn't do just one page either over several days, I did SEVERAL pages on the go.
So, if you're looking to do some art this summer while you're on the go, at the beach, in a coffee shop, on your lunch break from work, a passenger in a car, flying in a plane, on the bus on the way to work, etc... think SMALL. You have no excuses! You don't need the kitchen sink to art journal! Just IDEAS, a journal, a favorite pen, glue stick and some scraps. If I can do it, you can do it.


Go here for more Barron Storey. Thanks, Seth.


I'd appreciate it if you could keep my Dad in your thoughts...good thoughts and much love are appreciated. *thanks*


Viki said...

I'm getting excited! As usual, once I started making a book, one turned into several (6 so far)in different sizes.

Your little swatches books are so interesting. Do you journal in them at all?
Or are they just eyecandy?

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Viki,

No, the swatches books are not just eye candy ;)
I did journal in mine, yes. I also used images to 'speak' for me.

Viki said...

I like the little platic case too.

However,I usually take a little metal lunchbox with me. They are great for packing glue, paint, pens, paper goods in a plastic baggie and even water.

Sometimes I take knitting (socks) and sometimes I take art cards to make or a small journal.

Oh... Mercy said...

Hi Kelly!
Please keep a place open for me-
I won't have money till tomorrow!

you know my financial situation- ugh.
Waiting on a sale coming through today but that one is taken already.

hugs and smoochies.

have started using live journal again- not too much art- yet- some digital self portraits though.
more coming.

Oh... Mercy said...

I have to say Kelly-
you are really an inspiration.
I've been in awe watching your progression.

you have stuck to this like glue girl- I believe you should pick one thing and stick to it- put roots down- but I have no idea how to choose one- or what I am good at- and since I haven't done anything in so long what I will be passionate about-

and- I have to add- what will make me some income.



crimsoncat05 said...

good thoughts and vibes coming your way for your dad!! (and I think I need to get to the Container Store- those cases would be MUCH better than the zipper plastic bags I took on the plane with me!!)

Barbara Hagerty said...

Only good and beautiful thoughts coming your way for your dad! Hope all is well!!!

I'll be signing-up later today---somehow I thought there was an extra day in this month and the 30th caught me by surprise---now I'm trying to figure out if I was still in May, or had jumped to July! Too much Phoenix heat confusing the brain cells....XOXO

Seth said...

Thoughts for Dad coming his way!!

Debbie said...

Hey Kelly...
My heart is with you & your Dad...I'm sending lots of good positive energy his way...and to your entire family.

Kelly said...

This looks like a lot of fun. I like the idea of making a swatch book. I will have to give this a try.