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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My new journal...

inside cover-
first page- See the feet? Not mine, but a photo I took of Barbara Hagerty's feet and wonderful accident of dumping paint water outside on concrete in 100+ degree weather at a class I was teaching at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale.
I recycled various other journals to use as the pages. None of the journals I used were anywheres
near complete, and it's been a cool challenge working this way!!! I'm digging it!
Hit Iliad bookshop in No Hollywood last night (yay-they are expanding!). They were playing a GREAT online radio station. Check it out here. Needless to say, you know what will be coming out of my speakers for awhile!

Next weekend, I am trekking to Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale, AZ. I can not wait!!!! There's still room in the classes. Please pass it along to anyone you may know. Click here for more info.

FYI, Zinnia in So Pasadena is having a FABULOUS art show that opens this weekend. Check out more info here.

I bought a new toy tonight to play with, Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 creative pencils. I'll let you know more about it later on in the week when I've had a chance to play with it.


Mar said...

journal is beautiful
i like the ghosted words on the cover and of course your pages are beautiful too...but they always are!

Silke said...

I just found your blog and am so glad I did. Your work is inspiring!! :) Silke

taylor said...

Ah I miss the art show too. Hmmf.
Get the TP out and ready.

Anonymous said...

Love this cover and am trying to figure out how you did it! I also really like the different sized pages inside; I've always liked things peeking through!

Kelly Kilmer said...

TP at the ready!

Mar and Silke, thank you for the kind words!!!

I covered it in handmade paper, spritzed walnut ink on it. let it dry. Then used my crappy old rub ons so that i get the distressed letter look! ;)

Sharyn said...

I love the little Kelly picture! She is so cute :)

Susan said...

You said you recycled old journal pages in this new book. How did you do that? Did it mean deconstructing other journals?

Do you usually work with pages that have a background done very early on in the construction of the journal? If so, how do you decide what papers to use or color combinations you'll like later on?

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Susan-
I took apart a journal I hadn't really worked in and used the pages. I also used a set of other papers that only had walnut ink on them. I'm loving working on the pages that have already been collaged and painted. I took apart a previous journal, ripped the papers down, turned them in all directions and sewed them in. It's a creative push working on pages like this and I LOVE it.

I would never deconstruct a finished journal though...

Usually I work on blank pages. Then I paint and/or collage as I go. Sometimes I paint a crapload of pages in advance and work on those. It depends on my mood and my supplies on hand.

I am still working in my new journal like the previous ones-I don't sit down with a plan to make anything. I work with what I have and I work fast. I limit my choices. I pull from what's in front of me and work with what's there, making it 'work' and blend together on the pages.

Jeane Frizzell said...

Cool New journal! Yeah for Kelly in AZ very soon!

Anonymous said...

I have been inspired... thank you. It is SO HARD for me to finish journals... so hard.

Maija said...

I always love your pen posts, and I think I finally have all the pens you recommend!
Thanks girlfriend!