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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April 6, 2009 journal page

I spent all day yesterday cleaning my little corner of the living room a.k.a. my art area. I managed to toss only one bag of trash (dried up supplies, etc... I don't like throwing things away. I recycle or donate as there's already enough shit in the landfills.) I'm mailing a friend at least 4 flat rate priority boxes packed to the gills with stuff for her art classes with kids. She's a certified art teacher. Me? I'm just certifiable ;) It felt good to clean, organize and rearrange. I need to get a table skirt to cover my little round art table and all the crap underneath it. I've been cleaning for more then one reason. One reason is for ME. Now I have a cute little area that I might put a beanie bag or pillows in to sit and be comfy. The other reason-

My asshole building manager. He's been giving a lot of crap to the woman on the other end who has lived here for over 20 years. She's a sweet lady from Afghanistan who speaks English (but not always easily understandable), nor does she read or write it. Our building manager has taken it upon himself to harass her. He's gone into her apartment several times (it seems that most of the time too, without notice, which is against the law) telling her that she has too much stuff. He's taken it upon himself to write her THREE "notices" telling her that she has too much stuff and she may be evicted for it. WTF? There is no law on the West Hollywood books that someone can kick you out for having too much crap! I've been in her apartment and it's cute. The woman received an anonymous phone call saying that the building manager just wants her apartment (she's one of 2 people who have a 2 bedroom apartment in this building). She doesn't have the money to move, nor should she have to move. This is the same building manager who built HIMSELF a storage area in OUR laundry room, instead of doing any of the important things around this building. This is the same building manager who refuses to change the lightbulb in front of our door (this is going on MONTHS now). This is the same building manager who refuses to believe we have rust in our water. Need I go on? Most of the time he is packing up his bags and going to the GYM. Even the guy who actually does the repairs in the building (when asshole manager tells him what to do) has called him an asshole and says that he never does what he's supposed to do. None of the managers in the building have lasted. I'm wondering how long it is before this guy gets kicked out...and who we will have next.

Did I tell you the city planted one tree? Finally. They didn't plant a tree in the area where they pulled it up from, but on our end. One tree, or rather, what I call, a stick with leaves-

This may seem like a rant, but I just want to document it for the future...just in case.

Me? I really am a happy camper with my little area all cleaned up and cute looking. Just gotta get the vacuum out now and get my butt to the post office with all these boxes!


Laurel said...

I'm sure your a-hole manager DOES want the poor lady's space - either that or the owner wants her out so that they can increase the rent! I've seen it happen with these conscience-less people...
BTW - next time you are cleaning out your paper stash, I'm definitely buying another lot! Do you know, every time I go to do a paper project I still end up using the pieces I got from you? You find the bestest stuff!

Poetic Dreams said...

I would call the city and ask what ya tenant rights are. It doesn't seem fair that ya at his beck and call it enter any apartment without some kind of notice. I was always given a 24 hours notice of they needed entry. Shame he's harrassing the poor neighbor. I would really look into it.

I hope ya having a wonderful day. Big Hugs~

Sandy said...

Love the pages. The man just sucs. I would be the one living there taking up for everyone and standing up to him. Oh they wouldn't like me there at all. I'm all about people's rights. He shouldn't be harrassing that poor woman like that. Now if her apt. looks like something on Oprah's clean it up show well sure but not a normal lived in home. Is there a way to report him, like it would do any good? Is there a way to submit any kind of paper trail about the things you need done in the building? If not then I would start keeping a notebook documenting when I told him what needed to be done and how many times I told him. This is just adding stress into your families lives that you really don't need.

I hope he straightens up or leaves soon and you get someone better.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks ladies! Long story short, she has us and at least one other neighbor who will help her. The other neighbor found out all of this was going on when I was teaching in No Ca so she helped her then. It's a very long story but even though West Hollywood says we're not covered under rent control laws anymore (since they gave our landlord a loan to buy this building and another building), they will still help us. Any ways, we know much more then they think we do and we're fighters. She's not getting kicked out without a fight. I blogged about it solely to document it and to bring light to what's happening.

Karenann Young said...

On a different note from your blog entry, I just wanted to thank you so much for mentioning Jesse Remo. I did get his book and I'm amazed at it! I've already done a couple of art pieces inspired by him. I'm amazed at the use of his color and then I thought of you and how in your classes, you would have us use paint combinations that I would never have thought of! I'm having so much fun with it!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Auntie Karen said...

Landlords, the bane of our lives. Mine came over today. He had nothing better to do on his day off so he cut down the two apple trees in the back yard. They were overgrown and he didn't want to bother with them any more. Pretty sad since the next door neighbor just cut down a sick maple tree that was huge.

There might be a tenant non-profit in your area, check it out.

Raine said...

We (and by that, I mean ME!) want to see your little art corner. Any chance of some pix? I love looking at other people's art spaces. It's very inspiring!

Artzy Diva said...

That poor woman!!! Unless her stuff is a health hazard, which I'm sure it's not, then there is no law against having too much of it. As for him going into her apt. without her permission--TOTALLY illegal!!!

Ah, that is not a tree. You're right-it's a stick with leaves. The city couldn't spring for a BIGGER tree????? Sheesh.