journal pages from March 10, 2009

I started working in my new journal last night. It's a very different feeling working in a bigger
size book. I've missed it. Small is hard for me and large is easy, so I tend to switch
journal sizes to push me in different directions. Not having worked big for awhile will push me a wee bit.

Colette emailed me and asked what kind of journals I work in. I make all of my books by hand using various bookbinding stitches, different kinds of supports and materials. It really depends on my mood and what I feel like doing at the time. I do use the same paper consistently. 140 lb wausau exact index cardstock. On the West Coast you can buy it at Kelly Paper or XPedx. If you go to wausau's website, you should be able to find a seller near you. Art supply stores do not carry the paper. Staples, Office Max will tell you it doesn't exist. If you want it you need to find a paper seller near you, like Kelly or XPedx. XPedx is all over the U.S. ;) I use waxed linen thread to sew the books, using an kemper clay tool awl and wide eyed tapestry needle to bind the books.
I've made thousands and thousands of books and like to vary them. I hope this helps!


Sharyn said…
The pages are beautiful ! I love the colors and all that cool tape I see.

Please take care of yourself.
cookievf said…
Hi Kelly!
I just learned how to make the very simplest of "stitched" books from a friend that took a class from you in CT. It was PERFECT because it was my f.i.r.s.t.!

I'm just starting to work on a post about it now (with pics, of course!) and will be sure to add a link back.

- vicki xo
Sandy said…
Great pages. I love that size and I too love the tape you used. :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks Kelly for that info.
Anonymous said…
I love you colors! So bright and alive. I was wondering do you make your own journals or make them?? Any tips on that?

Thank you!!

Anonymous said…
Kelly, I order my wausau 140lb index exact from in CT - no affiliation, just a satisfied customer. They have different sizes (I like the 25x36 so I can rip it down to size and get the deckle edges) and a couple of colors.

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