first journal page from my new journal

It's nice to have a lot of room on a page. I've missed that space...
My friend, Shoshanah, has pointed out that Uppercase now has a magazine debuting in April! More here.

I'm driving to Stampers Warehouse in Danville, CA today. If you see a redhead blasting the stereo and listening to either the Pogues, Christy Moore, KPFK, or This American Life, wave hi!


The City That Ended Hunger


Mary S. Hunt said…
i liked the collaged appeal for your page...from adistance it is a beautiful picture and then all the elements race to the reader

i think that is what i like best about a collage

or at least this particular application OF the collage form

(there are so many)

i prefer a liitle room for working in my page too
Poetic Dreams said…
Wonderful page! Wishing ya a wonderful day.

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