Books, books and more books

I've been hearing rave reviews about A Homemade Life-
Louis Armstrong always traveled with scissors. Whodathunkit?
My copy of this book is on its way here...I saw it yesterday and just was drooling-
This one isn't out yet, but I can't wait!
This one is due out soon and if it's like their other publications, it's a must have!This one is high on my list and due out in the fall-

Last, and definitely not least, the fabulous Jesse Reno has yet another book available for purchase and I simply love love love it. I LOVE his work. Check it out for yourself here.


THIS is the BEST news story EVER. It will put a smile on your face.


Still taking sign ups for April's A Prompt A Day class. More info here.


Sandy said…
Love the books, great stuff. Going to look at the links.
Eveline said…
I had 'some' time to kill today, and I went through your entire blog. Everything. Loved it, loved it loved it. Your work is inspiring. I normally don't like collages, but you take it to another level in your art journals, which makes me want to try it myself.

Thank you so much for sharing all your work.
Karenann Young said…
You a wicked person telling everyone about these great books, most of which I would never have come across!!! Love the website of Jesse and when I have time, I'll check out all the You Tube stuff on it!!! Thanks so much!!!
Taylor schapiro said…
OOh those look like some goodies.
Anonymous said…
If only we could read more stories about superheros!! Absolutely, loved this story!
Anonymous said…
Good Lord Woman, you just cost me a bundle. You and your excellent recommendations. I swear.....
Ack! No more books! Please, don't show me more books! the floors in my ancient house are going to collapse if I need to buy more books!!!!

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