2nd post of the day regarding sharpie water based poster paint pens

As I've mentioned before, Sharpie WATER BASED poster paint pens have been discontinued. I thought of having a write in campaign to protest.

I've been going back and forth with various people regarding the Sharpie waterbased poster paint pens.

Lynn from AZ spoke with several people (as have I) at Sanford and this is what we've been told is best. Instead of a letter writing campaign, CALL. CALL Sanford.

The number you need to phone is 800-323-0749 Ext. 1410 This is the direct # for the consumer affairs department. They will forward your calls and information directly to the department that makes the decisions regarding products.

The key points-

The pens are discontinued and there is no other substitute on the market.

You need to specifically mention the WATER based poster paint pens and that you do not like the oil based pens.

The pens were never marketed very well. Most folk did not know that they were available. I go to Dick Blick on an almost weekly basis buying product for workshops and they NEVER had the pens in the store-they had ONE pen-literally, ONE pen. When I did see the pens, they would sell out quickly as most people would buy not just one but three or four at a time.

It was hard to find the extra fine black and white pens.

The water based sharpie poster paint pen is one of the few pens that writes on acrylic.

There IS demand for these pens. They need to look at the out cry on the various boards about these pens being discontinued.

I've tried other pens and they just don't cut it like the water based sharpie poster paint pens do.

They do give you one company to order from who still has the pens in stock-
They have THOUSANDS of the pens in stock in all 4 sizes.
Ellsworth Stationers - 1-800-765-4031

Hope this helps all of us!!! Please feel free to pass this information along.




GoodchefT said…
Thanks for this - I'll get on the horn and squawk at 'em.
Anonymous said…
Barb Smith said…
I got your email about this, Kelly, and I immediately got on the horn and called Sanford. I was told that the tentative date for discontinuing the Sharpie water based poster pens was mid to late 2010 but that it was not definite, yet. I've also passed on the number to others and hope that they all call Sanford.

I know they're still carrying them at Dick Blick, although some of the more popular ones are on backorder. Ugh!

Peace & Love,
art said…
Try going to www.pearlpaint.com they have a large variety of sharpie markers and they have a buy one get one free to boot.
Anonymous said…
Kelley are the sharpie water based poster paints ok?

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