Friday, January 23, 2009

THIRD post of the day: Anyone else ever have a printer that took them over twelve hours to set up?!??!

and this isn't the first time!
Hubby picked out a new printer. It's an HP L7780. I read reviews (average rating less than 2 stars) from average joes like us...I read good review from the "pros".
Long story short:
Printer arrived yesterday at 4 p.m. Hubby spent 12 hours not only throwing his hip out lifting the damn thing and giving me instructions from the floor, but TWELVE HOURS putting it together and trying to make it work. Last night at midnight he tried to turn it off. Nope. It froze. After I bitched that the blue light was glowing and I couldn't sleep (plus I did not want the dang thing on all night) he unplugged it. Woke up this morning and he spent another 4 hours. Meanwhile I'm online looking up review after review reading multiple cases of people who are trying to use a wireless router having major problems. *sigh*
Hubby had to go to the HP site and download the firmware. So far, it's working. It was the only damn thing that would get it to work.
HP STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCTS AND FIX THIS MACHINE. The reviews I've read go back to 2007!
There's a whole BLOG devoted to the problems that this machine has.
I'm going to test it this weekend by printing out my handouts for AZ.
Wireless routers + printers=pain in the ass. Wireless routers + printers + "we didn't warn you"=MAJOR pain in the ass
Oy frickin' Vey!


Joy Logan said...

Technology is insane for my age Kelly! I cant learn another machine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! Once you figure it all out, they're wonderful. Our house is wireless,so I can be on the laptop upstairs and print something downstairs!!!! Love it. But, yeah, it took a long time to work out the kinks.

Anonymous said...

HP: I left mine on the side of the curb when we moved.

They told me "We're a hardware company..not a software company." Ergo...they don't give a shit on how their products communicate with your products..only if they operate..but if they can't communicate....never another HP for me. Good luck!

Lena said...

I hear you on this one. My boyfriend had the same issue but with another printer. The directions were wrong and took him hours to finally get the thing to work. Needless to say if this printer breaks, I'll probably just go back to a hardwire printer.