Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reclaimed: An Altered Book

Journal pages from last night...The one on the left is done.
This one is not finished yet. *****
WTF? They're killing off Batman today (again) ! DAMNIT. My favorite "superhero". (Did you know that the two word version of superhero is trademarked co-owned by DC & Marvel. Talk about copyright issues gone amuck. I'm waiting for some shit head to trademark "the" or "A".)
I love I Hanna! This post today is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!
I took advantage of Oprah's free snapfish book offer a couple of weeks ago. My book came in the mail today. I effed up and some how missed the fact you can put a picture on the front and back (I will cut and paste a color copy and do it myself!). It is VERY weird to have a published book of your work in your hands. WEIRD. Surreal? WEIRD. I did it so I have something to show people when they say "WHAT do you do!?!?" and to show potential places that I'd like to teach at..."SEE?" ;)
*Etsy love*
My friend, Annette, is having to downsize and move into a smaller apartment very soon. She had a company list her punches on ebay right now and stamps to follow. More here. Thanks. :)
Last night was scary...heard a few helicopters overhead about 9:30 last night. Turns out a hop, skip and a jump away from our apartment some guy was shooting out of his apartment window last night. No one was hurt but it makes you think WTF? We've had weird stuff happen before (like the scuffle I heard one night, went out and looked over the balcony and there was a guy with a gun pinned down by several We Ho Sheriff deputies). WEIRD.
To end on a positive note, did I tell you that my 11 year old, my boy, hung his own curtains the other day!!!??! I was extremely impressed. He did it himself because he was sick of the "weird" lady who stands in her window at night and just stares out. (Clue Twilight Zone music).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'll post at some point tomorrow ;)


Marissa said...

If it makes you feel any better I made the same mistake with my first book I printed through iphoto. I was pissed when I got the book back and realized i could have done both sides. When is Tristan coming to hang our curtains in Boston? The living room curtains need to be hung.....

Happy Turkey Day!

Hugs, Marissa

Ingrid Dijkers said...

Love your journal work!