Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Does anyone else think that shopping carts should come with turn signals and that there should be stoplights in grocery stores?

At least this time of year...

*smiles* and blows kisses

and if you don't go for that, at least put a smile on yer face... ;)


Laurel said...

I just want to find the schmidiot in charge of my local Pavilions who decided to make the aisles smaller and the carts larger when they remodeled awhile back.

Kelly Kilmer said...

AND the fact that the store is DARKER.
I went down the wine aisle today to buy grenadine (woo hoo-shirley temples-!) and I couldn't believe how DARK the aisle was...each little bottle of wine had it's own little spotlight. WTF?

carts bigger. Aisles smaller.

I go to the one on Melrose and Vine. The other one I "used" to go to on Santa Monica disappeared one night...seriously. It was a case of "Where the hell did the grocery store go to!?!?"

Citygirl.em said...

Hi Kelli,
I hear you. I just came in from 6 hours of Christmas shopping...I'm exhausted and I sure could have used some directional signals on my carts.

crimsoncat05 said...

oh, I totally agree! The other thing I can't stand is when they put stacks of stuff in the middle of the aisles, so you have to navigate around them. I need to go to Fry's today after work, cause I forgot some things over the weekend... I'm NOT looking forward to it at all!

Susan Tuttle said...

Ha ha! -- yes definitely on the blinkers! -- especially the kiddie car carts we drive around at our local grocers -- those things should have built in horns -- they are treacherous!

Thanks so much for stopping by the ol blog. I will keep my eye out for another copy of Interior Alchemy for you -- maybe luck will strike me twice at the Goodwill. After I brought the book home, I saw it available for $60 online -- couldn't believe it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Meri said...

I think they should outlaw those tiny little cart they provide for tiny little children. . . the carts that leave bruises when the "drivers in training" crash into your unsuspecting body. Whose stupid idea were those carts?