Friday, November 28, 2008

More Reclaimed: An Artist's Journal pages...

Two from last night-This one is a fabric background, ribbons, paper, stickers and a photo. Simple is fun, too, sometimes :) and it says what I want it to say without any words.Two shots of the book fanned open:I know money is tight for most of us right now. This Holiday season, consider buying or making handmade. I'm doing that as much as possible this year. Another idea is giving someone the gift that they can make something themselves. Shop at a local mom and pop art supplier (rubber stamp store, paper store, scrapbook store, fabric store, bead store, art store, etc...) and buy goodies that the budding artist can actually DIY. Also consider holiday get togethers where you have a party and everyone makes something. How much fun would that be?!?!? Hire a local artist teacher to come over (that's not a hint. LOL. Unless you want to) and have the party goers learn how to make jewelry, journals and all sorts of fun stuff. Go take a class and then teach your friends. Gift the gift of a class to a friend this year. Introduce children to the idea of keeping a journal, knitting, felting or some other fun maker type activities. I think the idea of a handmade gift in some way, shape or form speaks volumes from the heart. It's a good way to keep it local and in the community. It's also a good way to introduce others to the wonderful world of ART.

I finished Handmade Nation last night. Two thumbs up. Makes me want to get busy and make somethin' today!


&rew said...

DIY party - what a fantastic idea! Sure beats the long line at the stores!

Anonymous said...

Your reclaimed journal just gets better and better! I love your ideas for having a DIY party. Would love to have you up here to teach - still working with the locals to see how we can do this.