More pages from my's a peek at 2 I worked on last night:
The one on the right isn't "done" yet, so I'll post a close up when it is:
Here is my Jane & Jeane inspired tape collection on a coat hanger. I can't believe how heavy these are:The rest of my tape lives here:Oy, we're moving Tristan's stuff around in his room today, so I'm off! I'll be teaching at The Art Bar tomorrow and will update the blog asap! :)


Sherry Goodloe said…
OMG!!! Girlfriend, you have got quite the collection of tapes there! Let me wipe the drool from my chin *hee hee*
Seth said…
Wow! What an amazing collection of tape!
Unknown said…
I went out and bought my hangers last night. I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out where to hang them. Ooh, ooh, I just looked up and found some hooks in the ceiling!

Zom said…
Your journal page is beautiful.
The tapes look great, especially the lacey ones. I have never seen those.
Anonymous said…
wow you have a beautiful collection of your journals!!

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