Magic Slate, Magic Drawing Pad, Mystic Drawing Pad

I've posted this question before, and I'm gonna post it again. Does anyone know how to make one of these??!?!?! What things do I need to make one from scratch?? What kind of wax do you use? Is it dyed or ??? Seriously. I need to know. Any help is appreciated. :)


Anonymous said…
There used to be labels for your videotapes called ReMarkit, which work almost the same as the magic slate. I've found a patent of this remarkit label and even an example of how it was made.

"Labels were made up as follows. To the top surface of a commercially available paper having a contact adhesive coating on its rear surface, was applied a thin coating of wax. The wax consisted of a blend about 75% by weight of amicrocrystalline MOBILWAX CERESE and about 25% of a fully refined paraffin wax with a melting point of about F. The blended wax was allowed to set. The wax was applied by wiping a block of the wax over the paper surface. This deposited afilm of wax on the top surface of the paper, believed to be of about 10 microns thickness and of dimensions 80.times.60 mm. An upper layer consisting a film of polyester of 40 microns thickness was placed over the wax and an erase-start regionimmediately adjacent the wax layer of dimensions 20.times.60 mm. The label was of overall dimensions 106.times.66 mm and in peripheral regions the polyester upper layer was glued about the entire periphery of the label with a thin beading of glue 3 mmwide. The labels were tested repeatedly and were all found to operate satisfactorily."

to sum it up you need:
- Commercially available paper
- Thin coating of wax (25% paraffin wax, 75% microcrystallin wax)
- Covering sheet

I wasn't able to find any microcrystallin wax nor parrafin wax, so i used beeswax and hairwax. Essentially it worked, but the quality was very bad. Drawn lines weren't evenly wide or thick and trying to erase it didn't work out so well.

I found out recently that you can buy parrafin wax at some stores, since it can be used in baking (candy, cake and other stuff). Some online stores sell microcrystallin wax per kg (per 2lbs), but where to buy small amounts of microcrystallin wax I still have no idea.
Kelly Kilmer said…
THANK YOU Anonymous!
Antwan Towner said…
Thanks! This has been very helpful and fun.

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