Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yesterday we had to go to Lincoln Heights and while we had some time to spare, I stopped off at Zinnia and found:The new Somerset, Artful Blogging, COOL Owl rub ons from Maya Road, gorgeous bird paper and some fun board pieces that I thought would be neat as stencils! Since the dentist screwed up Tristan's appointment time (I have told them several times that 3:30 doesn't cut it for us as I have to take Tristan out of they made it for 330 but told me 4!) we have to go back there again today...We also hit the Iliad bookshop (I was good-didn't buy anything) and Meltdown Comics where I found the new Nicole J. Georges book! Yay!! Tristan was happy he found his Ben 10 Transforming Rocks (basically Bath Bombs with a toy inside).

Guess where I don't buy gas anymore:
Another sign of the you really need it?

I'm off! Gotta go do some more prepping for next weekend at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale. OOH! I can't WAIT to show you guys the new techniques in these classes!! I'm very excited!!! Spread the word! Bring your friends! Bring your neighbors! We'll paint, play and have a great weekend!!!

Quickie question-
has anyone ever traveled across the US via train NOT in a sleeper car? I'm looking into Amtrak as a possibility. Pros? Cons? Much appreciated! :)


Carmen said...

Then new magazines are out??? Woohoo! I'm going to have to hit the book store tonight and pick them up!



Viki said...

and I thought $3.70 was bad in KY


Joy Logan said...

Kelly I would think it would be fun to travel by train on occasion! It's been years for me but it was a blast at the times. It's alot slower as far as all the stops along the way!

Chris said...


I didn't know you have an etsy shop!!

I'm the annoying woman who keeps writing to tell you I'm taking a class with you, and I never have. WELL... I'll be at Zinnia on Sunday with my friend, and we are hoping it's still going on? We're meeting for the first time, AND take the class! It's SO exciting.

I'm going to go look at your shop.


Jeane Frizzell said...

And we can't wait to see the new techniques!

BellaKarma said...

Whoa! Am I the only one who can see that shocked face in the clouds above the gas sign?

And remember that inane idea I had about moving to Rochester, New York last year? We had considered traveling there on Amtrak, minus sleeper car.

Anonymous said...

Jeane's mom wrote:
I have been in Amtrak from Flagstaff AZ to beyond Chicago, IL, not is a sleeper car. I can tell you about it when I see you at Frenzy next week. There are pros and cons. If you have ANY issues with motion, it is a big NO though.
Jeane's mom

Anonymous said...

Yes.. I do really NEED my glass of water.
With lemon please.

I've done the Amtrak gig from LA to Milwaukee, WI.

It was uh, alright.
Bring snacks. Lots of snacks.

I felt safe.
I slept next to a European girl
and we knocked heads a few times with the train rocking - after the 3rd apology - we just stopped and slept as best we could.

The bathroom wasn't too scary.

The food.. tasted like microwaved food.

For some reason the section of the train I was on smelled funny (to me.)
I would walk thru the other cabins and they didn't have a funny smell.
Then again that could have been my imagination (because everything smells where I am :)

The views were pretty cool.

I'd say I'd take the train again.
If only to have another adventure.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I'm telling you -if family issues long distance, settle down and stop pulling me back east-I want to meet and talk with you about a possible mini workshop weekend up here in the Joshua Tree Desert in the future.

I am a big AMTRAK fan having crossed the us from coast to coast at least 10 times in the past 18 years.

* I would NOT suggest it without a sleeper car! The seat cars get very crowded and after 24 hrs very stinky. Non sleeper car travelers only get to eat in the dining car when and if there is room. Several summers ago, the train ran out of food and 120 boy scouts who boarded had the nothing to eat except some snacks from the snack car which gets really crowded-is always a bottom level car that is reached by a tiny twisting dangerous staircase. A large lady collapsed on the stairs during this same trip which required a 6 hr stop to get an ambulance to her. That's the another other important tidbit of info to know.
Amtrak does not own the rails ,so they are always last in line in any traffic, holdups, breakdowns etc.
in the "old days" the sleeper cars were nice and clean, with a well trained and hospitable concierge for each car. I took the SOUTHWEST CHIEF route from San Bernardino TO Chicago then Chicago to Pittsburgh. The food was once really good and has become more bland and less tasty as the years have passed.
Still with a roomette for one it can be quite cozy and as long as you have the good balance- like surfing balance as you need it traveling from car to car. If you have any physical issues-its really not safe.
I am quite motion sensitive and yet have never had a problem sleeping.
A roomette for 2 is quite crowded, but again doable as long as both travelers are relaxed and not claustrophobic. The larger rooms are much better for more then one traveler; but again, the cost is high
The cost is quite high now for cross country with a sleeper. Personally I much rather fly for a small portion of what it costs for the train.
They have developed a luxury line train with awesome travel excursions. The prices are much like those of an expensive cruise.
Sadly are government does not support the rails, which in my opinion is a dam shame.
Id be happy to answer any other questions you might have-just give me a holler!