Monday, April 28, 2008

Journal pages from last night:
(no, those are not my feet...or my hands. MANICURE? I think not. I get one for free when I paint. Hee hee!)
I went through yesterday and gathered more collage ephemera for this weekend's class at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale. So those of you who are signed up for the workshops will have a TON of new goodies to sort through. I have lots of fun stuff to share and teach!!!
I hope you guys like the new look of the blog. I am still learning as I go. One of these days I hope to be able to figure out how to do a banner and to add links and pictures of favorite books and what not, etc... In the meantime, thanks for reading the blog and I do hope you like the new version!!

(Thank you Beth and Viki!!!!)


Anonymous said...

I like the new look...nice and crisp, easy to read :)

Viki said...

to put artwork on your header, sign in to blogger, click on to layout and then to page elements.
Click on the edit in the header section and follow the directions, browse your pictures saved on your computer and pick one. Remember to save. If you don't like it you click on undo.
I figured this out just this weekend. Take a look at mine.

beth said...

I love your new look....and adding pictures and stuff on the side is just like adding them to your main page ! Really easy !!!

Just go to your "create" page and click on any edit. It will walk you through what to do !!!

Send me a note if you get stuck...I'll try to help you !

Zorana said...

I like the new look! If you have an idea and want some of your art Photoshoped into a banner send me an email. :-)

Dorit Elisha said...

Nice blog Kelly! Congrats! It's bright and clear and your colorful art is shining on it!

~jolene said...

LOVE the new look Kelly! I think it showcases your art even better than before!!!
Keep on rockin' ;-)

emhowl said...

I read your blog in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am envious of anyone who has met and learnt from you, and I am distracted from my own journal because yours, and your links, are so good. Keep inspiring us!

/// said...

Your blog is such fun!!! :)