Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Journal page from last night (thinking about something someone said to me yesterday about starting her own blog-go for it!!!... ):

Am running up and downstairs doing laundry trying to get stuff done before I leave for Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale. Hubby pointed out that people in this building don't know what the word RECYCLE means as there is always stuff like furniture, clothes and other NON recyclables in the Big Blue Recycle bin. Right now there is a BIG chair. Hmmm...The same people left a dry white sock *and* a 5 x 5 "Verizon Manual"-a BOOK- WRAPPED IN PLASTIC in the DRYER. Luckily the dryer was on permanent press and not real heat or else we might have had problems. I still can't believe it...*shaking head*

On an up note, you should be reading Jason Thompson's Rag & Bone blog. It's one of my favorites. Jason pointed out that there are NEW journal pages added to the Dan Eldon website.
If you don't know who Dan Eldon was, get thee to his website. Also pick up the two books about his journals and life: The Journey Is The Destination and The Art of Life. He was an amazing photographer, artist and human being.

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Your links don't show up on the webpage.
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