Sunday, April 27, 2008

Journal page from last night (and close ups):

I'm obsessed with these little stickers. I have them in "small" and "large" sizes. Too cute. I love how the kissing one fit on the deer's back.

Spent yesterday parked in front of the A/C doing the final "cut" prep work for my classes at Frenzy Stamper next weekend. Boards and canvas are all cut! Paint is poured! I will spend today sorting out more collage ephemera for the weekend. I'll print the handouts later on in the week when it is cooler (we can't have the a/c and printer on at the same time...). Get ready, Scottsdale, 'cause here I come!

FYI, I will be teaching a night workshop at Stampin' From The Heart in L.A. this Wednesday (April 30th) from 6:30 to 8:30. It's my "Soft & Gentle Whispers" class. There is still space in this mixed media class!!
Soft and Gentle Whispers
Utilizing all new acrylic techniques and a few special tips and tricks, we will learn various ideas on how to create soft, lush and ethereal pieces of artwork using the background techniques created in class. Walk out of class with a plethora of new ideas ready for any form of art: canvas, journals, altered books and more! Supply list: students should please bring scissors, 3 bristle brushes to paint and glue (no foam please), cork backed metal ruler, black permanent ink pad (like Versafine or Memories *if you have one*), container to hold water in, roll of paper towels, and a roll of waxed paper. The instructor will be supplying an array of professional artist acrylics and mediums, rubber stamps, collage ephemera, and all necessary materials.

The next morning (Thursday), I will be leaving for Frenzy Stamper. Looking forward to it!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the Pukka kissing the deer too.

Anonymous said...

I love the Pucca sticker kissing the deer too.