Saturday, April 19, 2008

Huge kudos and big big thanks to the lovely ladies who took my workshop today at Staci's home in Thousand Oaks. It was a TON of fun (as always!!!). Staci *IS* the hostess with the mostest! I love teaching there (Thanks Annette, Carmen, Darcy, Janet, Mary Ellen AND Staci OH! And Champ too!) You guys ROCK! Here's a quickie sample of what we did's a brand new class called Revelations!

On the way home, I made a quickie stop to get the book I *should* have bought last week (of course I didn't and then when I went to go back to get it, it was gone). Luckily B & N in T.Oaks had one copy left. It's called 200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art. Silly Kelly *really* wanted it last week (but didn't have enough $ AND even worse, didn't think she NEEDED it.) Silly Kelly thought "What else is there in THIS book that I don't have or haven't done??!!" Oh boy. Silly Kelly should go bury her head in the sand. It kinda reminds me of the people who have said to me "Another painted page class?!?!? OR another Book class??!?! or another Collage class?!?!?" I *already know* how to do that. Silly people! There are THOUSANDS (at least!) of different ways to DO something. It's not just "slapping the paint on the page". It's unfolding. It's exploring color. It's figuring out new ways of doing things. It's all about the layers, baby. And there is ALWAYS a new way to do it! I can't wait to relax and kick back with this book. Its visuals (and instructions) have me VERY excited.

One thing that does NOT have me very excited, in fact, it has me down right scared and PISSED is Prop #98 that is on the June 3rd, 2008 California ballot. Being someone who rents (and someone who has rented her entire life. Not entirely by choice, but by pure NEED), this is a proposition that will end rent control in the state of CA. It is masquerading as a "Eminent Domain Reform" bill. There are TWO props on the CA ballot BOTH of which sound exactly the same except the clauses in Prop #98 that WILL end rent control. *Please* do your research before voting on this measure. Even if you don't rent, please please please get the facts straight and realize WHO this will effect and who will benefit. This is a law that will effect people all over CA. I live in West Hollywood. When we moved in here in April of 1996 we were notified a couple of months after our move-in, that our rent was too high by the Rent Stabilization Board at West Hollywood's City Hall. Our rent was lowered. That law soon changed shortly after we moved in. Rents have SKYROCKETED in our area. Our rent when we moved in in 1996 was a little shy of $500. Rents around us now are over $1500-2000. Please do your homework before you vote in June-and PLEASE do vote. Please vote NO on Prop #98.

More here
and here (make sure you read the blurb about what the AOA thinks about renters! ARGH!!)


Viki said...

Hi Kelly,
I like the look of this Revelations! Journal. The size is different. It looks narrow and tall in the pictures. Did you find it more difficult to work in the smaller narrow page?


Apple said...

How do you come up with so many different ideas for your journal pages? My mind is often a complete blank with no ideas....

Viki said...

I just thought of another question, do you Use more than one journal at a time? You make so many.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Viki,
Thanks for the kind words.
Actually, the Revelations journal is 13 x 7 1/2. It's a good size-perfect for magazine size images and what not.
This size journal is a Breeze for me to work in-it fits the large images perfectly. It's the journal I'm working in now that is difficult.
I work in one journal at a time. I do have to make other books and such as "samples" but my journal is my journal! I work in one journal for ME and often times in class, I have a "class" journal (But I bring my "home" journal). Hope that makes sense. The work I do in class is "Demo" work. The work I do at home is PLAY. :)

Maija said...

I LOVE looking at your blog, Kelly! It's so full of color and beauty!