Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Demo" page from class this weekend at the Art Bar:
The stamp grabbags are all gone *for now*. If you haven't received an email from me, sorry! They went faster then I expected. I may offer more. I need to finish making these up and seeing what I have left :)

I received a book in the mail today (via amazon). I was VERY excited as I have been tracking the package all week. Yippee skippee the mailman drops it outside the door. I open it up and WTF?
Not only is the "brand name/logo/whatever you want to call it" on EVERY picture in the book BUT there is also a COPYRIGHT NOTICE. WTF???? What the hell have we come to?? WHY Would I want to spend the $$ that I did (it wasn't cheap, baby!) on a book and have to look at a COPYRIGHT notice on EVERY picture. It's ON the picture (or in some cases, partially to the side). I can send it back to amazon but I'm just flabbergasted at the moment. The whole world has gone nuts thanks to the Walt Fucking Disney Corporation and all those other big Behemoth companies who have more $ then they know what to do with! Mickey Mouse will NEVER go out of copyright because Disney can change the laws to benefit THEM. It's just insane.

It's another reason why we RARELY watch TV anymore. I *hate* looking at the "ads" that they have embedded into the TV show. Fox is one of the worst! I wanted to gag while watching It's a Wonderful Life this past Christmas with the NBC logo ON the screen the WHOLE frigging time. What would Frank Capra think?


Anonymous said...

AMEN SISTA! I'm with you on everything you said!
Sorry to hear you ran out of stamps. I just sent you an order. LOL! Oh well, it must have not meant to be. Next time. Meantime, send that book back, get your money and buy more paper! LOL!

Joy Logan said...

I have always loved that saying! Another one I love is "because you have silenced a man,does not mean you have converted him" hey I may use that on my site lol,duh!