Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No art to show today, art in another form...my rubber stamp collection:
First cabinet-
Bottom half of cabinet-

Some stamps that I carved:

I ordered this today...I'm blaming it on Book by its cover. I'll let you know how it is when it arrives.

Um, did you know that a toilet can become a faucet? I do now. We've been complaining for years now about the fact that not only do we, but the guy below us as well, need new pipes. So yesterday started out ok...One o'clock came and all hell broke loose. We started having toilet problems. Our 12 year old plunger broke. The plastic ones they make are crap and not worth diddly squat. So, anyways, the toilet would not stop running. I don't mean it was just coming up over the top of the toilet-I mean if Noah had been around, he'd have been ready to sail! It was a flood of water. It was pouring, pouring over the top of the rim. I was grabbing stuff off the floor, grabbing stuff off the top of the toilet. David finally managed to get the top off the toilet and pull the switch. We had several inches of water on the bathroom floor and heading out part way into the hall. I quickly grabbed towels to mop everything up. I cleaned and disinfected the bathroom three times now. I washed the same towels several times. I was on pins and needles waiting for the guy down stairs to come home hoping that nothing had seeped it's way through...thankfully we didn't hear him screaming so hopefully it was ok...All I can think of now when I see a toilet is either a fountain or this book.

Hopefully, today won't be so *exciting*. *ahem* :P


In the news-

"the law of increasing misery" and the rise of suicides in the U.S.

Sally Kern is insane and Rove is still a major asshole. Yup.

Where the hell have I been? Daniel Radcliffe may possibly play Dan Eldon in a film about the photojournalist's life?


Carmen said...

Oh wow, I hope you have a better day. I love your stamp collection!

Jeane Frizzell said...

Lines & Shapes looks yummy! I can't wait for your review! I'm going to try not to cave and buy it until then!

Anonymous said...

hi kelly, can you please tell me who made the bird in the hand stamp? I have been searching for it. it might help if i knew who made it.
thanks marianne

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Marianne,

Invoke Arts makes the bird in the hand.


Vicki said...

Hi Kelly
Love the site and absolutely love the description of every class you teach - any chance you'll teach online. Too bad you're not in Australia, I'd probably be a groupie.

Anonymous said...

*swoons over your stamps*


Where did you get the sugar skull stamps from?

And the feet with eyes?


The fun never stops for you living in your place.....

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Vicki,

I Haven't quite worked out online classes yet though it has crossed my mind several times over the years...
One of these days I may get to Australia! :)


Kelly Kilmer said...

No, the fun never stops! As I sit here and listen to a jack hammer, someone else hammering, digging and more-not all coming from the same house either! You'd think I lived in a construction zone. I'm waiting for the lawn mowers and leaf blowers to start up.
ANY WAYS-the sugar skulls are from OUR LADY OF RUBBER. The feet with eyes stamp I found at a store in San Anselmo.

&rew said...

Oh my goodness you are so organized! All of my stamps are in boxes and I never remembered what I have!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

LOL, organized and not organized. Remember, I live in a one bedroom apartment and my motto is-if it doesn't get used and I'm sick of looking at it, it gets sold, given away or donated.
I weed through my stamps every now and then and offer grabbags of goodies. There are some though that I just won't sell. It's funny though I don't use them that often-I just like looking at them though!

Jodi Peary said...

Love your hand carved stamps...I am newly addicted to carving my own...and the blue truck photo...perfect..hey..that might be a cool stamp...one could draw different interesting things in its rusty metal bed