Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tired of staying, off we went...

Art found on the sidewalk in front of Soap Plant/Wacko in Hollywood. I LOVE this store. David and I used to go there all of the time when it was on Melrose. Now its further away but very much worth the trek.
I knew if anyone had the new Tristan Manco book Street Sketchbook, that it would be Soap Plant!!! Score! I LOVE this book. Anything that gives a sneak peek into an artist's process is a favorite of mine...

Skylight Books (Kisses and love to Lucy!!) had Maira Kalman's book. Oh wow. OH WOW. GREAT choice, Lisa! Thanks for the recommendation!!! I keep saying "Max in Love-ooh la la" and no one else knows what the hell I am talking about. I LOVE Maira's work. YUM. I collect children's books with her art..YUM.
Artwork by Caia Koopman. Oh. My. I love this. I want this hanging in my living room. Can someone find this woman a publisher? Now. Please? I would so buy a book of her artwork. Yum. I can't afford the paintings but I can buy a book. She's local too. Check her website for more info.
David prefers the art of David Trulli, another local artist. I can see why-


I'm trying to get some R & R in today. My back is still not 100% up to par (grumble. bitch. moan) SO, I had to postpone my San Diego class at The Stamp Addict until December. I love teaching there!! Jennifer does an amazing job with that store. I hope that my San Diego friends are all safe and well with all the damn fires going on.

Next weekend I am trekking north to Stampers Warehouse in Danville, CA where I will be teaching FIVE mixed media classes. I am REALLY looking forward to it. I LOVE Northern CA and always look forward to the trip. My friends there are wonderful and it's always such a good time. :)

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