Pages from my "class journal" of my New & revised An Artist's Journal

I taught my revamped and revised Artist's Journal class at Stampin From The Heart in L.A. Here are some of the exercises we started to do on the inside pages.

Um, did I tell you that the handout is 20 (or 21, I forget-it's BIG) pages long? Part two is over that many pages!!! They're classes that I developed in 1999 and taught a LOT. Then I put them on the back burner for various reasons to focus on other things. Well, now I've brought them back and they are actually brand new classes. The only thing you "get" from the "old class" is a copy of the old handout AND the new handout. I don't know why I don't just call them by new names and not give out the old handouts any more other then the fact that I just worked so darn hard on those handouts-I mean, they are my biggest handouts *ever* it's almost like, "Here. I'm sharing. Take. Enjoy. DO. Please!!" I have been a journal advocate for YEARS. I swear by them...I'm looking forward to the new journaling classes. As I said before, they are technically brand new classes with old names...
Here's the cover. I haven't done anything other then stamping the front with my painted hand print.

Mom arrives tomorrow night into LAX. David, Tristan and I are going to The Academy for the 11th Annual Marc Davis Celebration of Animation. We've gone to several of them. The only ones we missed were the ones we didn't find out about (no mailings, etc...) We even went when Tristan was a babe in arms. We had people come up to us afterwards and say "There was a baby in here?? He's so well behaved." Um. Yeah, I was nursing. I knew how to quiet him, need be. LOL Actually, he's always been well behaved. We're lucky...Plus he likes film.

Thursday morning we're leaving bright and early for Frenzy Stamper. I'm really looking forward to seeing Debbie and the gang. There's still room in the workshops so if you're hemming and hawwing and waiting til the last minute-c'mon, you know it will be, not only will you make some wayyyyyyyy cool but you'll learn LOTS of new techniques! Come 'ere, let me twist that arm a little ;) Paint, Play, Techniques, Laughs=Weekend at Frenzy Stamper with Kelly!


Hey, I wanna be like Hanna when I grow up...This looks cool!!!! Most of you know I've been working on a 'zine for some time now off and on...but, what if I took that energy and self published a BOOK BOOK? Hmmm...People have been saying it to me for years...what do YOU Think? What would you want? I'm geared towards something that is all art...a little words...not so much how to....but what do you want..whaddya think?


Anonymous said…
Kelly ? Publish a book ? Yes...Yes and Yes !!!!!!
You would be great at it . I would love to see art,some how to,some self exploration and then more art !

I really want to learn more " art skills "...color theory.....collage...the mysterious world of to get more depth in my art .
Then add craft .
When I journal I would like these skills to just flow out as I try to express... me.
The end result being Journaling/Mixed Media Art

I think you have a lot to offer...lots of talent...lots of skill...a love of the written are a great teacher .
Throw off that buschel and shine your light woman !!
*fingers tapping desk* waiting for that book......

Hope this makes sense I 'm kinda tired

take care
Kat Parke

Looking forward to classes with you soon !
Anonymous said…
Ooooooooooo, a BOOK BOOK!!! That would be beyond cool. I've taken a couple of classes with you at the Art Bar and loved every minute. Used one of the journals I created with you for my Art Fest journal last year and got so many comments on how fabulous it was. Here's my vote for a book from you - but where would you find the time?? LOL
Erin in Morro Bay
Anonymous said…
Hey! A book? a book? Yeah! That would be great! -Kara
Anonymous said…

Yes, yes, publish a book. But with your talent and the given marketability of the book, you may be able to get a conventional publisher rather easily instead of self-publishing. Lots of advantages to a conventional publisher.

Carol in Florida
BellaKarma said…
Hi Kelly,

I never had an interest in visual journaling before. In fact, after all this time of reading your blog and LOVING YOUR ART, I never considered myself journaling; however, your journals are so inspiring, I am now Very Tempted to begin journaling. Therefore, I think a book would be Most Excellent, especially for beginners, because your journals are SO COOL that it makes someone like me want to grab some gel pens and magazines and join in the FUN.
Shoshanah said…
absolutely, 1,000% yes! it's already on my wish list. go for it!!!
21 pages...that's a lot of info...sounds like a book to me...blessings, rebecca
Anam_Kihaku said…
book please :)

but in the meantime i can buy your hand out cos i live in the snow!

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