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Getting ready for my classes at Frenzy Stamper *this* weekend!! I can't wait!!! Yet, I still made some time to do some pages in my journals..Yup, that is me. The little tiny picture with the curly haired ginger kid is my little sister, my only sibling. PITA Erin! And, yes that is my Grandpa, my Mom's Dad.

One of the many reasons I hate living in this apartment. There is ONE woman in the apartment complex who is a complete and utter bitch. She makes everyone miserable and is just nasty. She is only nice to you when she wants something. SHE started snooping around when I parked the "new" car in the garage (*we* pay for a parking space. We think we are the only ones in the whole damn complex who have been paying $20 a month for the past 12 years). Well SHE wanted to know who had a car with Massachusetts plates and started asking around. SHE wants a parking space now. Guess what? SHE doesn't own a car. Why does SHE need a parking space? Several of us in the building think that it was HER that bitched to the city about the tree in front of our apartment building-the one bit of shade we HAD. SHE did not like it because of the leaves that it would shed from time to time (uhhh, it's a tree). SHE bitched and bitched. The tree was gone one day. Not trimmed. Gone. Chopped. The temperature in the building soared. Our A/C use went up. Our electric bills went up. Now SHE wants a parking space for an invisible car. SHE bitches. She gets. THEY (asshole landlords) then decide to TOW cars IN the spaces downstairs that are in need of repair. Luckily, WE got rid of OUR Red Toyota DAYS before they did this. Alas, one of our neighbors who just does not have the funds to do something with their car, did not. They towed the poor neighbors' car. Not sure what happened to it. This is one of the many STUPID things that our landlord does in this building. about fixing the RUST in the hot water? How about replanting a tree or two? How about putting back the TWO washers and TWO dryers that used to be downstairs, yet YOU took them away? How about fixing the insulation in the building? How about fixing the water pressure? How about cleaning the damn building? How about doing repairs correctly? How about doing so many of the things that NEED To be done? Did I ever tell you that they blamed US for the Christmas a few years ago when we went back East and after telling them for YEARS that the roof had tiles blowing off of it and needed to be fixed, it RAINED in Tristan's bedroom ONTO his bed, THROUGH the light fixture!!!! It took them SIX MONTHS to "fix" it. Tristan slept on the living room floor in an air bed. Guess what fix meant? PATCH job. Shit paint job-SPRAY paint in the bedroom. Do they EVER ask US what needs to be done? What the REAL problems are? Nope. Instead they tow the cars of people who are trying to save the money to fix them because ONE person bitches about a parking space for an invisible car.

My cousin, Bev sent me this great article about sidewalk chalk art being called Graffiti in NY by some other nut job neighbor (Remember my post here. BTW, the winner will be chosen soon!!!)


Anonymous said…

Come up for air Kelly !

Can you report your landlord to some city agency?
Kelly Kilmer said…
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Kelly Kilmer said…
My building is owned by the City of West Hollywood. We're tired of being the ones to have to complain about shit needing to be done. We're the only ones to complain about necessary stuff...everyone else is "afraid to rock the boat"-NOT my words THEIR words. West Hollywood gave this landlord a loan to buy this building and another building-a loan that is over a million dollars and they have 97 years to pay it back. This dump! We've stood our ground over the years and were almost evicted 'cause the landlord held onto our rent check and claimed that they hadn't received it so that they could kick us out so that THEY could raise the rent.
Judy Wise said…
Yikes, give those idiots a smart chop! On another note, red haired girls are the greatest. (my sis has red hair & my dad) I cannot see a redhead without smiling.
Shari Beaubien said…
Oh Kelly... I'm so sorry you have such obstacles when it comes to getting reasonable care and respect from your landlord. I'm sending you my happy vibes, girl! Hugs, Shari
Anonymous said…
I think you need to rename your blog: the crazy mixed up life of kelly kilmer. It's one thing after another with you. So much DRAMA. Move if you don't like where you're living. Ever considered that? I bet you have hundreds of reasons why you are STUCK in that exact spot. Come on. Stop bitching and start making changes. Think how much happier you'd be.
Kelly Kilmer said…

I've never thought of my life or as my blog as having a lot of DRAMA to it as you say. My life is no more or less a drama than anyone else's. I'm telling the TRUTH. THIS is what happens to me. People who don't live in apartments-people who don't rent-should KNOW what happens. I don't post stuff like this for a pity party. I don't need a fycking pity party. I want people to realize that this kind of stuff goes on all of the time. My next door neighbor summed it up best one night-He was out at after 11 moving his trash bins around Very loudly and making a ton of noise like he usually does after hours. The lady in the apartment downstairs asked him nicely "I have to go to work in the morning, could you please be quiet I'm trying to sleep." My "Neighbor's" comment was-" YOU rent. I own." That was it. So this is the kind of shit that a lot of people have to deal with-myself included because we RENT and we don't have the money to OWN.

Guess what? I can't move. I can't afford it. My rent is "low" compared to the $1500-3000 apartments around me. There's absolutely no way I can move out of here at the moment. Why is rent so ridiculously insane?? If I didn't have this dump over my head, we'd probably be homeless. Why is housing not thought of as a necessity?

If you don't like my blog, don't read it. Move on. Stop bitching and moaning.
BellaKarma said…
Dear Kelly,

As part of a family of artists and renters, I definitely can relate to your daily life. Your art and you come across more real because of these shared experiences and emotions. I peek in your blog throughout the day, sometimes to get a reality check, especially if I have just read some blogger who seems to only have time to bake and sew (fun to read, but no soul sista of mine).

I DESPISE the term "No More Drama" because I think it's a cop-out for people to use when they don't want to be a friend who listens or cares. Your "drama" is your LIFE and your LIFE is reflected in your ART, so girl, BE THE DRAMA QUEEN!
Shoshanah said…
kelly, i really appreciate your daily dose of reality. so different than the blogs that really are a pitty party, or super fluffy happy bunny. and renting -- actually being able to make enough money to save up to move and then afford more rent?! hah! as you know, my hubby is an engineer and it still took us 11 years of being stuck in a sh*t rental to escape that cycle...and we still are in the red every month. some times you just gotta vent to be able to face another day of crap!

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