Just 'cause I can...some Birthday pictures

The husband told me it would be the last birthday cake he ever makes if I post pictures of him on the blog. Love you, too, honey! (LOL) Yeah, well I took my make up OFF and put my pjs on before the picture above was taken so how do you think *I* feel ;) LOL

More art stuff soon. Have not been able to do anything. I don't like being a slug-ugh! I did order some books from Amazon thanks to my friend Darcy and her generous birthday present. I got this one and this one. I will be first in line at the bookstore on November 1st for this one!!


Judy Wise said…
What adorable photographs. I love your blog!
Anonymous said…
oh the pictures are Fabulous! what fun, what fun! happy birthday, woman!! and that cake is so awesome! i'm glad i looked at the close-up of it. i thought it was covered in orange gummi worms! shhh! don't you dare tell your husband i said that!! it's just so great!!
BellaKarma said…
Aw! Cute! And I thought there were orange gummy worms on the cake too...yum. ;-)

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