Guess where I went last night?

Yup! You got it! I did a hop, skip and a jump away from West Hollywood and trekked to Studio City to A Studio Gallery for Angela Cartwright's AMAZING exhibit called Soul Dwellings. Soul Dwellings combines her stunning photography with her extremely tactile love of mixed media. Below is a very small sample of Angela's work that is available at the gallery as we speak! It is a *must* see exhibit.

Guess what else is on display? YES, ALL of the houses from In This House. Guess who was there? Five of the artists from ITH: Angela Cartwright, Sarah Fishburn (all the way from CO!), Alice Scott Morris (all the way from WA!), C.W. Slade, and me. There were a ton of people who flocked in from before five til after seven that night! I couldn't believe when I arrived at 4:45 that there was a crowd of people outside of the gallery-how cool is that? It was a treat watching people react to the houses in person. The book is amazing, but to see the houses in person is a real delight!

Guess what else they had available at the show? No, it's not Pistaccio! It's Pasticcio, a QUARTZ (Quality Artists Zine). Definitely one of *the best* zines I have seen. Two big thumbs way up!
There's not just one thing to love about it-but many. Most zines have itty bitty pictures of the artwork-not this one-it devotes a full page to the artist's work and their contact info. When you pick up the zine, the quality just smacks you full force in the face-it begs and calls until you pick it up. It is chock full not only of art but quotes (Oh my-I LOVE the quotes), quips, how to-s, reviews, interviews and oh so much more. Unlike most of the zines I collect, I will be going back to this one more then once! Plus, the size of the book is cool-square! Angela & Sarah, dipped the edge of my book in chocolate so mine smells divine!

Be on the lookout, November 1st for Angela's second book, Mixed Emulsions. After seeing Angela's art up close and in person, I guarantee the book will be just as amazing and jaw dropping.

And, last but not least, a very Happy Belated Birthday to Ms. Cartwright! We're raising the glass to many, many more happy art filled years!!! (When you have family and friends like she does, I can guarantee many more HAPPY years!!)


Anonymous said…
This is totally OT. I was digging around in your archives & came across the class you taught for Karen Michel. I'm wondering if that is a class that you will be teaching in the L.A. area
Anonymous said…
Awe, man! I wish I'd known about the book signing. I would've been there with bells on. It sounds like it was awesome and the art looks so cool.
xxxxx said…
Oh my! How I wish I could travel to LA right now!!!! Thanks for giving us a peep of this amazing exhibit.
&rew said…
Wow, what a beautiful display! Wishing I could be there to see them in person, but I will have to be content with these beautiful photos!
Deb said…
Oh, Kelly! Thanks so much for sharing this! The exhibit looks fantastic - I love seeing all the houses open and inviting everyone to come "inside." I'm not at all surprised that Angela's personal art was fantastic - she is a talent, that one! (as are you) Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Anonymous said…
What a beautiful show! Love those little houses.

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