Wednesday, August 01, 2007

That little book I was working on the last two weeks. If you like it and you're attending Art Unraveled, watch the Auction table for it! It's what I'm thinking will be my donation to the art Auction for the kids at Art Unraveled.

This is the new book I started last night:


And now for something completely different-

Make sure you read this about bottled's friggin TAP water.


Support the Jena 6.


European heat wave hits hard especially in Hungary.


Another reason why the Dems are just like the Reps...there's no difference between the two.


Anonymous said...

Your book is stunning Kelly. Best book I have seen today (and other days too). Every page is an ooh or an aah.

BellaKarma said...

It's so beautiful Kelly! Absolutely breathtaking!
And um, did you see Robert Downey Jr. at Com-Con?

Dori Melton said...

very inspiring indeed...

Kelly Kilmer said...

aww shucks
thanks :)

Nope! We didn't see Robert Downey Jr..we went to the Paramount screening that had multiple movies (they did show Iron Man and the director was there) but we didn't have time to go to the exclusive Iron Man only Panel where RDJ was. Then I was pissed 'cause we left the Paramount panel right after Star Trek started ('cause there wasn't a clip) to go to another panel and we missed seeing Leonard Nimoy! GRRR Ce la vie

~jolene said...

I have been attempting to comment on this journal...but the words fall flat...there are NO is primal...a scream of utter JOY & AMAZEMENT!!!!!