Friday, August 03, 2007

OK, so every now & then you have to have cake:

Granted, yes, I know that this is David's birthday cake from *last year* but in all honesty, I'm too tired to go take a picture of the half eaten cake in the fridge right now. It looks just as good as this one but it's all vanilla. Tristan's "Half birthday" is tomorrow (Saturday). Now in my crazy family we never celebrated half birthdays until Tristan came along. So, the boy conned me into a cake. LOL Actually he didn't con me, I just looked at him, looked at the cake and said okay. I figured this month is going to be crazy insane in the membrane and that we all needed something sweet every now and then.

So go have a little somethin' sweet and enjoy it...

As Hitchcock said, "Some people make films that are slices of life. I make films that are slices of cake."

Thanks to the Paper Post gang for a great class today!! I had a blast as always. Teaching tomorrow at Violets in Ventura (last class there *sniff*) and then on Sunday at Stampin from the Heart in L.A. Busy weekend but a fun weekend!

Hey, if anyone sees a man driving from Boston to Phoenix in a green Toyota Corolla, wave hi. It might be my Dad! (Dad left today at about 11 a.m. and is driving my sister's car to Phoenix. YAY this is the last of renting a car for local classes. Woo hoo. Thanks Dad!)

Oh and just to make sure you catch this:
The State of US Bridges and the Privatization of our Roads

and a very interesting story indeed about the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Another reason to read/hear/watch/absorb Chomsky.

A 10 year Army Veteran's wife speaks about freedom.

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