Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lookey where we trekked downtown to the Bert Green Fine Art Gallery to see:
An exhibit of work by the one, the only, Barron Storey. Needless to say it was the BEST thing that happened all day:

We got there pretty late, so late, I didn't think we'd make it. Thankfully, we did! It was amazing to be able to see Barron's work up close and personal. The amount of detail in each piece was amazing. If any of my dear family and friends is reading this, they're selling some of his sketches for $200. Erin, I figure if you & the parents want to pitch in, I'll be all set for my Birthday AND Christmas for the next few years. K? Think of it as an early 40th Birthday present (Um, and I'm only 32).

Oh, just so you know. The gallery has copies of Life After Black. I have the book. I LOVE the book. You need the book! You can also get copies from Carl.

Tristan (my 10 year old) kept asking me yesterday why I wanted to go to the exhibit so badly. I told him it was like seeing a Da Vinci in person. After that he was pretty impressed (he loves Da Vinci after watching a PBS special on his work).

The bottom one would be good:
If you could afford it, I'd love to take this one home. It's $2,000. I figured I'd be set for life for birthday and Christmas presents..but then I slowly realize with all of the bookshelves in this apartment we don't have any wall space.

So, reality sets in and it just made my day to be able to see an actual Barron Storey work of art in person.

Oh, and tomorrow remind me to tell you why you shouldn't ever buy an Okidata 3400 printer.
Remind me to tell you how much their customer service SUCKS and how much I love Frank & James at The Staples on Wilshire Blvd. Frank ROCKS. You want customer service? Find Frank! He's the man. So stay away from Okidata. More to come tomorrow. Gotta get the boy to bed. Gotta get myself to bed-am teaching at Paper Post in the morning!!!

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