Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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So much for "Free Speech" in this country. So much for the freedom to assemble peacefully. I wasn't going to rant today. I was hoping for peace, but of course, thanks to the LAPD it didn't happen that way. KPFK has been broadcasting the L.A. March, The May Day Demonstrations today. At about 6:30 KPFK broke in with violence erupting in MacArthur Park against thousands of peaceful protesters
including teens, children, families, babies who were not engaging in anything but a peaceful, public protest. One member of LAPD cited "their permit to protest expired" before launching into a long tirade against the protesters. Minutes later LAPD started throwing tear gas cannisters and shooting rubber bullets into the crowd which was filled with people including families and their children.

We used to have an LAPD officer (and his girlfriend) who lived underneath us for over a year. I can speak from experience here with one of "L.A.'s Finest". Now, I'm not against the police per se (I have law enforcement in my family and many friends are still in law enforcement). What I am against is giving someone a little bit of power and having them take it to their heads and figure they can do what they want with it.

Tristan was about 2 1/2 when the "Officer" lived downstairs. Our rugs have always been really thin (I won't go into how much I hate this building and how much work needs to be done on the building). Tristan was just learning really how to walk, run, and just be a toddler, which he was at that time. Well, the "Officer" did not like noise of any kind. Any time Tristan would run, he'd take a broom and bang the ceiling. Anytime I (accidentally) dropped something he'd bang the ceiling. Well, one day, everything hit the fan. I opened the pantry door in the kitchen and the vacuum fell out. "Bang bang" from below. I go into the bathroom and am brushing my hair. Tristan runs across the floor. "Bang bang" from below. I get po'd, take my foot and stomp on the floor. BOOM! I hear his front door slam open. I hear big footsteps coming up the stairs. I walk out and am standing by the front door when the "Officer" PROCEEDS TO KICK OPEN MY DOOR. WTF? (His footprint and the huge indentation mark were on the door for several years until the new building owners painted over it. Our landlord also had to fix the hinges on the door since he knocked it off). He's screaming and redfaced. I'm trying to figure out why the hell he is so angry with a baby who is learning to walk. He's threatening us. My "good" neighbor comes and stands between me and "the officer". David is trying to close the door. My "good" neighbor tells him to go downstairs and "the officer" finally does. Another neighbor notes that the "officer" had his gun on!!! For what?

The police come. We find out that he has a long history of behavioral problems and that his fellow "officers" have wonderful nicknames regarding his attitude, behavior and ego.
He did move out several months later. I wish I could remember the "nicknames" now but I wish I could forget that night.

Pictures of those in the May Day Demonstrations in LA here. Gee, they look threatening don't they? *sigh* More pictures here too.


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~jolene said...

Come on people,
Smile on your brother,
Everybody get together,
Try to love one another

Anonymous said...

Why does that seem to be the case with law enforcement? There ARE many good people that are cops, but there are some who just take the "power" thing and let it go to their heads. That happened to someone in my family who became a cop. He's not that way anymore, but when he started out he got really big-headed. Do these police departments do any sort of personality testing to try to predict that sort of behavior? Or try to stop it from happening if they see signs of it? They should if they don't...

Anonymous said...

Tag, you're it (see my blog...)